May 31, 2022

Chair's Corner

Welcome Home! As we dive into all the places that we call home, I can’t help but think about how ACEP and AAWEP are two of my “homes.” Home isn’t always a physical structure — home can also be a place where we feel safe, loved, and comfortable to be our true selves. I hope that ACEP and AAWEP are places that you call home as well. This is and should remain a safe place for our members. Although we may not always agree on every topic, this is a place that you should feel represents you and your best interests as an emergency physician.

If you grew up playing a sport or enjoy watching sports, then you have probably heard the saying “protect this house.” There has never been a more crucial time that we pay attention to outside threats and protect this house of emergency medicine. Outside threats to our reimbursement, our wellness, and our practice environments seem to be lurking at every corner. However, standing together and being engaged in our “home” will help us to maintain longevity and high quality and to improve the practice of emergency medicine.

As women, we can make sure that we are at the table when important decisions are ready to be made. I challenge each of you to get involved by joining a committee, attending a meeting, or giving monetarily to your local ACEP Chapter Political Action Committee (PAC) or the National Emergency Medicine PAC (NEMPAC). Scientific Assembly will be here before we know it. Please plan to join us in San Francisco! We are not outsiders here; this is our home. Let’s work together to build an even bigger, stronger house with a firm foundation for ourselves and the women emergency physicians of tomorrow.

Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP
AAWEP Chair/Managing Partner/CEO Driven Healthcare

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