February 6, 2023

Chair's Corner

You are on shift in your emergency department. It has been an average, busy day working through delta troponins and those precious weak and dizzy complaints. Another patient pops up on the congested board: otherwise healthy adult with cough, fever, and body aches. By this stage in the pandemic, we can reasonably feel exhaustion or burn out. We have been tirelessly on call covering potentially COVID-positive colleagues, picking up extra shifts due to staffing shortages for a variety of reasons, and seeing and comforting a worried and similarly exhausted community of patients. As you enter the room, you ask the usual questions and once again explain that despite negative COVID and Influenza testing, the patient very likely has a viral illness. You transition into your patient education mantra explaining how there is a plethora of viruses that cause these similar symptoms. The patient eventually understands, and the visit concludes with both the patient and you feeling a little more tired and achy. You walk towards your work station to complete the charting and wonder if there is something more, if this will ever end, and if you can reset your relationship with emergency medicine. In short, yes! Yes, you can, and we can help! Your AAWEP leadership has been working hard to help you with those issues and present you with an outlet to reinvent and reset your career and love of emergency medicine!

We are excited to announce an in-person meeting: Power Up: Women in Emergency Medicine Leadership Pre-Conference, on April 30th from 1 pm-6 pm in Washington, DC. This event precedes ACEP's Leadership and Advocacy conference from April 30th to May 2nd and is designed to help emergency medicine women regain their groove as we emerge from the pandemic. We have an engaging and interactive program designed to reinvent and reinvigorate your passion for medicine and leadership. You will leave feeling empowered to transform your career and have the tools to connect and energize your colleagues. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Dara Kass, HHS Regional Director for Region 2 and the founder of FeminEM. See the full agenda.

This won't be a series of lectures. We'll have interactive small groups and lots of networking opportunities as well! Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Also, be sure to check out ACEP Frontline’s podcast celebrating the 6th annual National Women Physicians Day on February 3, 2023.

Alecia Gende, DO, CAQSM, FACEP
Mayo Clinic Health System
La Crosse, WI

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