April 1, 2021

Awesome, Amazing, Assertive Advocate

My Awesome colleague and boss — Leslie Simon, DO — deserves recognition as a dynamic and Amazing leader. She embodies AAWEP's mission to serve others while advancing the perception of women in EM leadership positions. Dr. Simon has flourished in a historically gender-dominated specialty. In her entirety, she has always served others through her naval military career all while raising her four children during deployment to Iraq. She has mentored many residents to successful careers. Now, she serves as EM department chair at Mayo Clinic Florida.

Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Simon tirelessly continued to work clinical shifts despite her increasingly important administrative duties. She felt strongly that she “do” her clinical part and allow others rest during a trying time. She maintained positivity and confidence, and it spread through the entire department, allowing us to find joy in our work. This touched all of our staff, and even during difficult times, we maintained a supportive, cohesive, positive morale; this tone continues today spurred by her initiatives.

Leslie was Assertive in getting us what we needed for the department. Her incredible military experience inspired some innovative efforts that allowed our department to continue to care for patients while feeling as safe and protected as possible during the advent of the pandemic.

Dr. Simon is a true leader and Advocate. I think one of her greatest strengths is that she does not consider us her staff, but rather, colleagues. She truly leads by example. She does not expect from us anything that she herself would not do. She fosters growth. She encourages each of us to develop our strengths. In a short time under her tutelage, we have had five academic promotions. I can say with confidence that any one of my colleagues would support this acknowledgment that Dr. Simon is an Awesome, Amazing, and Assertive Advocate.

Andrea Sharp, MD

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