April 12, 2018

YPS Updates

By Chadd K. Kraus, DO, DrPH, FACEP

Greetings, YPS members! Our Section is having an exciting year. We have established Committees and Task Forces to accomplish the work of the Section and to meet your needs as a YPS member. These work groups are charged with increasing membership and engagement, improving our newsletter, updating our Section Bylaws and continue offering excellent programming at our events. The YPS Section of the website has more information, and contact information is at the end of this update if you have any questions for me or ACEP staff. We hope you’ll consider joining a Committee or Task Force.

In partnership with EMRA, we have fantastic programming planned for LAC18 in Washington, D.C., in May and have started planning YPS events at ACEP18. You can find more information at www.acep.org/lac

In this edition of “What’s Next,” we begin a two-part series of articles from your YPS peers to maximize your success in the transition from resident to young physician and to begin your first years in practice with ease. These articles cover a range of topics from finances to board prep to moving for your first job.

We are always looking for members who want to get involved and to hone their leadership skills. We welcome your input and encourage your active participation in the Section. Please reach to me at chaddkraus@gmail.com or our staff liaisons, Darrin Scheid at dscheid@acep.org or Valerie Hunt at vhunt@emra.org to find out more about how you can get involved.