April 18, 2019

Coming to LAC for the First Time?

By Puneet Gupta, YPS Legislative Advisor

Every year, thousands of emergency physicians gather in DC to make a difference. The vast majority of first-timers come as neophytes. This may be your first taste of health policy, your first introduction into the world of national politics. Are you worried about being thrown to the wolves to flounder in front of your Representative or Senator? Perish the thought: The YPS/EMRA Health Policy Primer is on the first day of LAC19. It's a crash course in health policy to put the rest of the week in context and prepare you for the Hill. 

This year our primer will go beyond the ordinary. This year, we are examining the spirit of the disruptor. Physicians make a difference every day, but like H1N1, there are those who shift the playing field entirely. We embrace the spirit of these individuals, the disruptors who strive to change the landscape of medicine as we know it.

We have a four-hour block of exciting content planned with experts called in to overview our healthcare system as we know it. To bring out our hidden dragons, we scoured our ranks to find five amazing young physicians to bring you health topics from around the county. Finally, to show you how to put it into practice, we have a panel of disruptors to guide us through their experiences. This panel will be moderated by our very own disruptor, Nathaniel Schlicher, a physician who changed the system from inside the State Senate itself.

Are intimidated? You shouldn't be! You will be surrounded by emergency physicians, hundreds of friends who are glad you’re there marching alongside us, acting as a passionate voice for our profession. 

Are you intrigued but unable to attend this year? Consider coming next year. Our passion and fervor for advocating for emergency physicians only grows each year and with each new issue. And remember, you can still get involved with ACEP's advocacy efforts by joining the 911 Network, the premiere grassroots network for emergency physicians.  

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