ACEP 2020 Annual Report

Take a Look Back at the ACEP Response to COVID-19

As we hope for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, ACEP looks back on an extraordinary year and documents the history that showcased the specialty of emergency medicine.

No matter how long this pandemic lasts, ACEP is always committed to working for you, with you and beside you.

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Looking to ACEP's Future

Rosenberg_18.jpgThe many diverse initiatives ACEP has been working on for years seem to be weaving together into a fabric right now to help emergency medicine move forward. Whether we’re dealing with health equity or a pandemic response or staffing, all of these pieces seem to be coming to a head.

And it’s so exciting because at the end of the day, through ACEP’s support, we will have better solutions to help you and the specialty. ACEP’s role and value proposition is bigger than it ever has been. As the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated, emergency medicine can’t stick to what was status quo. There are evolving roles of emergency physicians - a complete change of how we managed things in the past ...


ACEP is Proud of Your Action and Leadership During the Pandemic

2020 was a year of massive changes – some welcomed, some forced upon us. As you adapted to the new reality in your emergency departments, ACEP adjusted to meet your evolving needs. Defending the speciality and your role has never been more vital.

You’ve changed. We’ve changed. But no matter what happens, one thing remains the same: ACEP is here for you!

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COVID-19 Resources

Best of Times, Worst of Times

COVID-19 Field Guide

Benefits During COVID-19


ACEP Continues To Be There For You Beyond COVID-19

We chronicle ACEP's efforts to support you each month in the ACEP4U column of the ACEP Now magazine.

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