Recognize, in a lighthearted way, deserving Council participants that have contributed to the Annual Meeting in a unique, eccentric, humorous (sly wit), or cleverly astute manner. Despite the name, the award is intended to congratulate those who have offered the Council a sense of reality, honesty, focus, and practicality, but without the usual personal encumbrance of political correctness, undue sensibility, or inhibition.


2021 Recipient
Overton, David (Curmudgeon).jpg
David T. Overton, MD, FACEP



The award is inscribed with the name of the recipient and the description of “curmudgeon.”


The Curmudgeon Award will be presented to current or former Council participants (i.e., Councillor or Alternate Councillor, President, Speaker, ACEP staff, etc.) that have embodied the essence of the description above.

Past Recipients

2007     Ronald Krome, MD, FACEP(E)
2008     Peter Viccellio, MD, FACEP
2009     Greg Henry, MD, FACEP
2010     Peter Sawchuk, MD
2011     Todd Taylor, MD, FACEP
2012     Dennis Whitehead, MD, FACEP
2013     Peter Jacoby, MD, FACEP
2014     Larry Bedard, MD, FACEP
2015     Richard Stennes, MD, MBA, FACEP
2016     R. Myles Riner, MD, FACEP
2017     Pamela P. Bensen, MD, MS, FACEP
2018     Charles Pattavina, MD, FACEP
2019     Bradford L. Walters, MD, FACEP
2020     William K. Mallon, MD, FACEP

Entry Procedures

Any member may nominate a member by submitting a completed nomination form. Submit the nomination form, a brief curriculum vitae highlighting Council service, and up to 3 letters of support by e-mail to Mary Ellen Fletcher, CPC, CEDC, at Letters of support are greatly encouraged and are at the discretion of the nominator. Additionally, a nominee should have only one nomination whether from a chapter, committee, section, or individual. All entries must be submitted no later than March 1, 2021, for consideration by the Council Awards Committee. Receipt of each nomination will be confirmed by e-mail. Please follow up with Mary Ellen Fletcher if you do not receive a confirmation.


The Council Awards Committee, consisting of current and past councillors appointed by the Speaker, will judge the entries. The decision of the judges is final, and the judges reserve the right to make no award if there are no nominees of sufficient merit. The award will be presented at the annual Council Awards Luncheon. The recipient will also be recognized during the annual President’s Awards Gala.

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