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Staff Directory


Contact the ACEP Executive Office in Dallas at 800-798-1822 or 972-550-0911.

You can also email ACEP Staff by writing to first initial and last name @ acep.org.

Academic Affairs
Loren Rives Senior Manager 3302
Pat Hughes Meetings Manager 3291
Annals of Emergency Medicine
Tracy Napper Editorial Director 3256
Martha Villagomez Editorial Assistant 3223
Lindsay Peters Editorial Associate 3222
Chapter and State Relations
Harry Monroe Director 3204
Maude Surprenant-Hancock Chapter Services Manager 3142
Adriana Alvarez Part-time Administrative Assistant 3312
Corporate Development
Lori Vega Chief Development Officer 3110
Jodi Talia Director, Corporate Development 1735
Stephanie Batson Senior Manager, Exhibits and Corporate Development 3274
Susan Spradlin Manager 3215
Felecia McQuarters Administrative Assistant 3146
Educational Meetings
Debbie Smithey Conventions & Meetings Director 3296
Toni McElhinney Senior Manager, Conferences and Meetings 3270
Margot Angles Conference and Tradeshow Manager 3051
Chris Weller Educational Meetings Manager 3225
Shannon Campbell Educational Meetings Coordinator 3292
Raul Cabello Meeting Planner (Labs) 3272
Holly O'Harra Meeting and Tradeshow Planner (Exhibits) 3053
Maya Patel Administrative Coordinator 3063
Educational Products
Marta Foster Senior Editor 3252
(Open) Director, Online Education  
Dina Gonzales Accreditation Manager 3252
Rachel Donihoo Director, Educational Publishing 3171
Katie Muth Education Coordinator 3064
Suzannah Alexander Managing Editor 3119
Sydney King Assistant Editor 3074
Morgan Gardner Assistant Editor 3157
Emergency Medicine Practice
Sandy Schneider Associate Executive Director, Clinical Affairs 3234
Julie Rispoli Project Manager 3235
Margaret Montgomery Practice Management Manager 3230
Sam Shahid Practice Management Manager 3139
Mandie Mims Clinical Practice Manager 3231
Julie Wassom Administrative Coordinator, Practice, Policy and Academic LOS 3102
Travis Schulz Clinical Practice Manager 3290
Nicole Tidwell GEDA Manager 3249
EMS and Disaster Preparedness
Rick Murray Director 3260
Patrick Elmes Manager 3262
Deanna Harper Administrative Assistant 3313
Layla Powers Chief Financial Officer 3133
Jefferson Harris Senior General Ledger Accountant 3138
Jimeka Mire Senior General Ledger Accountant 3132
Dusty Burkett Controller 3148
Leanne Alford Accounting Manager 3134
Toni Jones Accounting Manager 3192
Sharon Wilson Payroll Manager 3172
Sheetal Butt Senior General Ledger Accountant 3136
Fredrika Taylor Staff Accountant AP 3189
Darek Heilman Staff Accountant 1736
(Open) Cash Accountant 3139
Patricia Reese AP Accountant 3062
Peggy Brock Executive Director 3170
Tanya Downing Director, Major and Planned Gifts 3216
Liz Muth Grants and Marketing Coordinator 3271
Grants Development
Cynthia Singh Director 3217
Kathryn Mensah Grants Administrator 3218
Riane Gay Grants Manager 3019
Kelly Burlison Grants Manager 3155
Mari Houlihan Grants Coordinator 3045
Tiffany Ford-McLemore Grants Coordinator 3188
Human Resources
Pamela Autrey Director 3101
Mary Beth Collins Senior Human Resource Manager 3103
Cathy Squashic Part-time Receptionist 3100
Katheryn Swinger Part-time Receptionist 3100
Management Services
Cathey Wise EMRA Executive Director 3250
Michelle Parker SEMPA Executive Director 3228
Leah Stefanini Conference and Exhibit Manager 3298
Sherri Lewis EMRA Marketing and Special Projects Manager 3143
Valerie Hunt EMRA Managing Editor 3122
James Bryant EMRA Project Manager 3152
DeAnna McNett CORD Interim Executive Director 3229
Todd Downing EMRA Web Product Manager 3150
April Applewhite EMRA Project Coordinator 3165
Olivia Graff Coordinator, Managed Orgs 1738
Amber Torres SEMPA Project Coordinator 3129
Tina Odisho Greenwood CORD Communications Coordinator 3154
Mindy Valcarcel EMRA Associate Editor 1739
Jana Nelson Managing Director 3018
Membership and Customer Service
Leigh Ann Cole Member Care Center Representative 3161
(Open) Member Care Center Representative  
Lee Ostermann Member Care Center Representative 3212
Karen Price Member Care Center Representative 3164
Carmen Swinger Member Care Center Representative 3162
Mary Smith Member Care Center Representative 3147
Bonita Marek Member Care Center Representative 3257
Lexi Schwartz Member Care Center Representative 3163
Kelly Peasley Community and Sections Manager 3105
Pam Shirey Residency Visit Program Coordinator 3271
Member Communications and Marketing
Nancy Calaway Director 3224
(Open) Digital Communications Manager  
Jordan Grantham Communications Manager 3055
Darrin Scheid Senior Marketing Manager 3128
James Normark Creative Services Manager 3254
Melissa Wunder Meeting Marketing Manager 3273
Michele Byers Managing Director, Education 3295
Office of the Executive Director
Dean Wilkerson Executive Director 3200
Robert Heard Chief Operating Officer 3140
Faeeza Faruq Manager, International Relations and Special Projects 3275
Sonja Montgomery Governance Operations Director 3202
Carole Wollard Executive Assistant 3205
Mary Ellen Fletcher Leadership Administrative Coordinator 3145
Office of the General Counsel
Leslie Moore Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel 3220
Shari Purpura Paralegal 3213
Alisa Rubio Legal Assistant 3261
Craig Price Senior Director 3236
Public Affairs (Contact ACEP Public Affairs in Washington, DC, at 800-320-0610)
Laura Wooster Associate Executive Director 3016
Sarah Heckman NEMPAC and ACEP Grassroots Advocacy Manager 3040
(Open) Quality and Federal Affairs Assistant  
Lupe Gonzales DC Operations Director 3011
Maggie McGillick Public Relations Director 3008
Brad Gruehn Congressional Affairs Director 3015
Ryan McBride Senior Congressional Lobbyist 3017
Pamela Jay Public Affairs Administrative Assistant 3001
Etta Carter Public Relations Manager 3009
Steven Arnoff Senior Public Relations Manager 3010
Elaine Salter Senior Public Relations Administrator 3007
Jeanne Slade NEMPAC and ACEP Grassroots Advocacy Director 3013
Jeffrey Davis Regulatory Affairs Director 3038
Pawan Goyal Associate Executive Director 3317
Joseph Kennedy Quality Administrator 3109 
Nalani Tarrant (DC Office) Senior Project Manager, Quality Collaboratives 3036
(Open) Project Manager, Quality Collaboratives  
Dhruv Sharma Quality Measures and Data Manager 3183
Conrad Smit Director, Quality and Product Innovation 3049
Bill Malcom CEDR Program Director 3114
Nicholas Fish (DC Office) CEDR Project Coordinator 3006
(Open) Senior Quality Data & CEDR Implementation Analyst  
Nina Mims CEDR Account Manager 3131
Aarti Gupta CEDR Account Manager 3135
Shannon Sheppard CEDR Account Manager 3047
Farah Vali CEDR Account Manager 3065
Shobitha Shaji CEDR Account Manager 3067
Sharon Scott CEDR Account Manager 3116
Dimple McKinney CEDR Account Manager 3316
Peggy Morales Customer Service Specialist 3281
Shannon Miller CEDR Intake Specialist 3106
Ameet Vithalani Quality Data and CEDR Implementation Analyst 3126
Pankaj Kapoor Director Sales & Operations 3144
Cindy "CJ" Jones Sales and Operations Manager 3071
David McKenzie Reimbursement Director 3233
Adam Krushinskie Reimbursement Policy Manager 3117
Office Services
Tom Bedford Office and Building Services Manager 3111
Randy Ellis Shipping/Fulfillment Coordinator 3115
Bo Stiles Office Services Technician 3118
Technology Services/Web
Gabe Casey Chief Technology Officer 3293
Gene Scruggs Systems Administrator/Database Administrator 3121
Allen Haynes Help Desk Technician 3289
Nortell Brown Help Desk Technician 3054
Srini Maranganti Technical Architect 3124
Angel Castillo Systems and Help Desk Administrator 3127
Mohan Bonthu Developer 3120
Christian Betrisey Developer 3151
Lillian Renner UX Engineer 3315
Bennie Davis Product Manager 3307
Jerry Anderson Quality Assurance Engineer 3133
Audrey Cornwell Product Manager 3070
Steven Parsley Product Manager 3069
Nathan Hughes Front End Developer 3187
Josh Lindsey Front End Developer 3137 
Steven Morrissey Web Designer 3177
Alan Masters Web Content Manager 3228
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