GEDA Special Projects Manager


Clinical Affairs


Executes strategic initiatives and outreach to specific diverse areas and populations, such as rural and critical access hospitals, and the VA/Indian Health Emergency Departments that collaborate with the GEDA program; assists the Sr. Accreditation Manager in leading GEDA DEI initiatives; development and dissemination of educational content for underserved populations; establishment of workgroups, surveys and other meaningful tools that will help to develop accreditation criteria revisions and assets aimed at optimizing care for minorities and socially disadvantaged older adults in their ED(s). This role also assists the Sr. Accreditation Manager with disadvantaged and underserved population efforts by joining the GEDA and Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC) programs’ Equity and Inclusion Committee as well as work with ACEP’s Rural Section and rural /geriatric experts and supports the work of ACEP leaders and other collaborating organizations such as the West Health Institute (WHI) and the John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF) ensure the success of the accreditation program.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Equity and Inclusion:

    1. Coordinate continued collaborations / initiatives with GEDA’s partners—Veterans’ Affairs (VA) and Indian Health Service (IHS) to improve geriatric care for minorities and socially disadvantaged older adults.

    2. Work with Sr. Accreditation Manager and the GEDA Board of Governors to re-evaluate current policies to specifically address diversity, equity, and inclusion in a variety of ways, including communication and outreach tools.

    3. Work with the newly established GEDA/GEDC Equity and Inclusion Committee to:

      1. Analyze data on policies, procedures, and protocols EDs are currently submitting via GEDA applications to identify how to explicitly address DEI in the policy requirements.

      2. Review tool kits, COVID-19 learnings, implementation guides, and literature reviews supplied by and in coordination with GEDC to determine if best practices warrant evolution for minorities and socially disadvantaged older adults.

      3. Collaborate with institutions and/or committees taking equity action.

    4. Promotion of tools to hospital and ED leadership for staff utilization in their diversity and equity efforts.

    5. Document and conduct appropriate follow-up of relevant changes reported by accredited organizations as outlined in the terms and conditions.

  2. Rural Projects:

    1. Support rural applicant organizations at any stage of the application process.

    2. Participate in ACEP’s Rural Emergency Medicine Section Meetings.

    3. Attend rural medical education and health equity conferences.

    4. Craft a plan for a Mini Virtual Older Adult Symposium.

      1. Work with GEDA rural expert BoG member on best approach for outreach and / or training to our guidance with accreditation.

      2. Obtain and analyze safety net and rural ED list for outreach.

      3. Craft Gap analysis, training mechanism(s), deliverable due date, etc.

      4. Manage lead input. Maintain lead spreadsheets and uploads into CRM. This includes working with member services to make sure the hospital/ED is set up in CRM so marketing efforts can be seamless.

    5. Provide task force/committee support to supervisor.

    6. Ensure satisfaction with stakeholders.

    7. Help with other accreditation programs as needed.
      1. Ensure safety net and rural hospitals are represented in GEDA and the GEDC and explore opportunities for these EDs to create and evolve their GEDs.

  3. Scientific Assembly and Other Conferences:

    1. Assist with ACEP SA pre-conference details determined by supervisor.
    2. Prepare reports and collateral pieces for on-site visibility determined by supervisor.

Relationships and Contacts

Reports to:

Sr. Accreditation Manager

Internal Contacts:

All staff

External Contacts:

GED stakeholder organizations, ACEP members, emergency department and hospital staff, staff from other associations and organizations working in the geriatric field

Required Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in operations, project management, sales, marketing, communications, education, healthcare, or a related field, or equivalent experience.

  2. Five years project management experience.

  3. Accreditation program knowledge a plus.

  4. Proven self-management and team-management skills.

  5. Effective communications with a high-level of accuracy and ability to meet deadlines.

  6. Proficiency with web content management systems, Microsoft products, and databases.

  7. Ability to travel as required.  Anticipate 1–2 times per year from 2 to 4 days duration.

Other Desired Qualifications 

  1. PMP certification a huge plus.

  2. Experience with accreditation programs.

  3. Experience with marketing.

  4. Familiarity with spreadsheet software.

  5. Experience in the health care field.

  6. Experience in an emergency department.

We are an equal opportunity and E-Verify employer who offers a competitive salary, an excellent benefits package, a retirement plan and more.

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