CME Approval Manager


Education Development


Manages ACEP Membership Mailing List Rental and ACEP Category I Credit programs; CRM/CME Tracker Data Upload and CME Application Preparation services. Assists with the processing of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM and ACEP Category 1 applications.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manages AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ application preparation services program for both internal and external customers to include collection, review, and submission of materials according to ACEP, ACCME, and AMA guidelines.

  2. Provides administrative support to PEER, to include ensuring that all contributors complete disclosures annually; and resolving conflicts of interest.

  3. Manages ACEP Category I Credit program to include application and payment processing according to ACEP guidelines.

  4. Manages Membership Mailing List Rental program to include application and payment processing, and review of promotional materials for those rentals, according to ACEP guidelines.

  5. Manages CRM/CME Tracker Data Upload program to include importing all CME Tracker data uploads and payment processing, according to ACEP guidelines.

  6. Facilitates weekly CME Office Hours calls.

  7. Provides training and support to ensure that applicants’ materials are compliant, and responds to or redirects all inquiries sent to the CME Approval queue.

  8. Tracks CME, Mailing List, CRM/CME Tracker Data Upload, and Application Preparation revenue and generates monthly reports; assists in tracking and processing invoices associated with CME application penalty fees to determine future CME application eligibility.

  9. Monitors ACEP website pages to ensure that those advertising CME-accredited educational products and activities are compliant with ACEP, ACCME, AMA, and CAPCE guidelines.

  10. Maintains up-to-date list of state CME requirements and updates appropriate online channels.

  11. Assists with processing applications for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM according to ACEP, ACCME, and AMA guidelines.

  12. Assists with training of ACEP’s new CME application/database tracking system.

  13. Participates in ACCME reaccreditation activities to include researching, updating, compiling, and organizing data; and participating in reaccreditation meeting with ACCME surveyors. Gathers data for and assists with submission of ACCME annual report.

  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

Relationships and Contacts

Reports to:

Sr CME Accreditation Manager

Internal Contacts:

Education Division staff and all staff/departments that develop CME activities

External Contacts:

Chapter leaders and staff; CME program directors; CME providers; members and nonmember physicians and customers; other health care associations; and vendors

Required Education and Experience

  1. Associate’s degree or higher or equivalent work experience

  2. Minimum five years customer service experience to include written and oral communication, managing multiple communication channels, and conducting online customer training sessions.

  3. Minimum five years project management experience to include management of a variety of programs, projects, and platforms simultaneously.

  4. Experience working with a team and autonomously with little supervision.

  5. Experience working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment with competing priorities.

  6. Experience working with Microsoft Office and Google Drive environments, specifically to include spreadsheets.

  7. Must be detail oriented and comfortable in a requirements and data driven environment.

Other Desired Qualifications

  1. Experience working with a non-profit member association

  2. Previous experience with Continuing Medical Education (CME) to include work with an ACCME accredited CME program.

  3. Experience working with a Microsoft Content Records Management (CRM) system or other computer tracking systems/databases

  4. Experience working with a learning management system.

  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills

  6. Experience performing administrative duties to include the management of shared files/folders.

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