Senior Vice President


Member Engagement


Lead member engagement, community building, recruitment, and retention efforts. Organize, train, and equip ACEP staff, to fulfill the shared responsibilities of member satisfaction and retention. Engage members with robust benefits, volunteer opportunities, unique sections of membership and innovative awards program. Align state chapters to provide a basic level of benefits that enhances membership and delivers meaningful value at the state level. Manage all member data and lead member research efforts to facilitate greater involvement in ACEP and strengthen membership engagement. Manage Member Care Team Members, Chapter Services Manager, Committees, and Section programs.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manage all core membership functions of the division, including processing membership applications, issuing dues invoices, and collecting dues, section and FACEP payments

  2. Lead member recruitment efforts, working with the member marketing team, outside vendors and the senior management team to ensure that eligible medical school students, residents and emergency physicians are regularly informed of the benefits of joining ACEP and are connected to resources that highlight the value of ACEP

  3. Lead member satisfaction efforts, including working across the College to ensure regular collection and analysis of satisfaction data and use that data to continually improve ACEP services. Reimagine systematic member surveys to ensure appropriate survey design and regular access to member opinions on key issues and oversee efforts to collect and report member data to ensure membership longevity and customer loyalty

  4. Develop and pilot new membership models and benefits packages that provide value to current and potential members

  5. Maintain CRM membership database to ensure complete and accurate information about our members and customers and work with marketing to segment outreach based on member data

  6. Oversee training and support for staff in providing outstanding customer service to current and potential members, including ensuring staff are actively using membership database to manage relationships with our members

  7. Supervise, motivate, evaluate, and enrich the skills of team members, in part by delegating responsibility and authority; inspiring staff as individuals and as a team; and identifying relevant professional growth and development opportunities

  8. Work with team to build and maintain relationships with the full and varied range of members and customers, ensuring relevancy and reach of resources, programs, and initiatives

  9. Manage department and project budgets associated with the work of team, including by participating in annual operations planning and budgeting process and engaging in a monthly review of financial position and performance against revenue and expense targets.

  10. With members of leadership team, work to implement ACEP’s internal, organization-wide diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and equity efforts

  11. Identify, implement and monitor affinity programs as member benefits (e.g., insurance and credit card, etc.)

  12. Reimagine and oversee a robust awards program that builds an awards journey for members including working with Communications team to market the awards and ensure a strong pool of high-quality nominations and managing the jury selection process to ensure the recognition of outstanding awardees every year at the Annual Conference.

  13. Oversee Sections program and leads a growth strategy to increase section participation, create meaningful engagement and ensure long-term loyalty to ACEP.

  14. Oversee online member communities (eg. engagED) ensuring that staff and members share knowledge, improve their practice and enhance ACEP’s member knowledge base and foster collaboration.

  15. Rebrand and expand FACEP outreach by tailoring the recognition of the credentials to meet the needs of a new generation of members utilizing member focus group data; continue efforts to connect FACEP designees with leadership opportunities

  16. Work with Technology Services to facilitate greater collection and sharing of member and customer data to increase member involvement in Sections and Committees

  17. Support efforts to identify impact measures, increase evaluation capacity, and document “what works” in engaging members.

  18. Work with Senior Marketing Manager to develop, implement and monitor marketing strategies for member recruitment and retention. Ensure the continuation and timely implementation of continued recruitment and retention activities.

  19. Develop and coordinate an innovative way to showcase ACEP resource at value and the work of all section exhibits at the Scientific Assembly. Work with Senior Marketing Manager to staff membership exhibits at selected meetings.

  20. Direct and monitor the emergency physician group maintenance program, ensuring follow-up contact with those interested in group billing, 100% club or the Circle of Distinction. Develop and implement processes to ensure coordination of billing processes and member relationships with groups.

  21. Aligns state chapters to provide a basic level of benefits that enhances membership and delivers meaningful value at the state level. Engages chapter staff and volunteer leaders though continued communication and coordinated membership strategies. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Relationships and Contacts

Reports to:

Chief Operating Officer


Member Services Representatives (6), Chapter Services Manager, Community and Sections Manager, Group Billing and Special Projects Coordinator, Manager International Relations and Special Projects

Internal Contacts:

Academic Affairs, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Educational Meetings, Educational Publications, EMRA, Finance, Membership Marketing, Office of the Executive Director, Public Affairs Division, Technology Services

External Contacts:

Members and other customers, vendors of affinity programs, association executives, and chapter leaders and executives

Required Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business or related field; or equivalent related experience

  2. At least seven years related experience including work with an association or membership organization database system, knowledge of systems or systems and process theory, written presentations, and comprised of:

    a.         Five years of management responsibilities in an association

    b.         Three years customer/client service

    c.         Three years of supervising experience

Other Desired Qualifications 

  1. Working knowledge of ACEP and its systems

  2. Experience working with a very large/complex membership association

  3. Management of benefit programs

  4. Membership marketing experience

  5. Supervisor of multiple staff

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