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ACEP – You Make 50 Look Good

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ACEP – You Make 50 Look Good!

Want to help us celebrate our golden anniversary?

Send us a picture from when you just starting out in the ED, or one that holds special significance on your emergency medicine journey.

Or tell us about a moment that resonates for you - either write it down or record yourself in a brief (1 minute or less) video.

Perhaps you are more interest in the next 50 years. Reveal your prediction on how emergency medicine will evolve and some of the significant changes you think will define the specialty in the next 5 decades.

As we gather the cherished memories and educated guesses, we will share them with your fellow emergency physicians throughout the year.

*Formats for files and images: jpg, png, gif, pdf. You can also upload mutliple files by holding down the shift key when selecting files.

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