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ACEP Strategic Plan for 2017-2020

Goal 1 – Reform and Improve the Delivery System for Acute Care

Objective A – Develop and promote delivery models that provide effective and efficient emergency medical care in different environments across the acute care continuum.

Objective B – Promote quality and patient safety, including continued development and refinement of quality measures and resources.

Objective C – Pursue strategies for fair payment and practice sustainability to ensure patient access to care.

Objective D – Develop and implement solutions for workforce issues that promote and sustain quality and patient safety.

Objective E – Achieve meaningful liability reform at the state and federal levels.

Objective F – Position ACEP as a leader in emergency preparedness and response.

Objective G – Establish the value of emergency medicine as an important component of the health care system.

Goal 2 – Enhance Membership Value and Member Engagement

Objective A – Increase total membership and transitioning resident retention.

Objective B – Provide robust communications and educational offerings, including novel delivery methods.

Objective C – Promote member well-being and improve resiliency.

Objective D – Ensure adequate infrastructure to support growth.

Objective E – Provide and promote leadership development among emergency medicine organizations and strengthen liaison relationships.

Objective F – Promote/facilitate diversity and inclusion and cultural sensitivity within emergency medicine.

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