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As ACEP reaches the end of our current strategic plan and with new leadership at the helm, we have begun building the roadmap to guide the next three to five years. We are taking this opportunity to look big and be bold as we think about how the College can best serve you as individual emergency physicians, both now and in the future.

Some of the questions we’re seeking to answer include: How can we enhance connection and communication with you, our members? How can we tackle the challenges facing our specialty? What do our members need most from us? 

The six-month process is being guided by a highly experienced facilitator of strategic planning and involves ACEP leaders, members, and staff to ensure the final product reflects the sentiments AND NEEDS of our diverse membership.

We cannot create an effective roadmap without your input, so we are sharing the draft of a new strategic plan with members here. We will be incorporating stakeholder feedback into the final action plan, which we anticipate launching at the beginning of the year.

This is our unique chance to set the course for ACEP and your future as emergency physicians and we’re excited about where we’re going! We will keep you abreast throughout the process but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to share initial thoughts.
- Mark Rosenberg, DO, FACEP, ACEP President & Sue Sedory, CAE, ACEP Executive Director


Current ACEP Strategic Plan for 2020-2023
(For reference)

Goal 1 – Improve the Delivery System for Acute Care

Objective A – Promote/advocate for efficient, sustainable, and fulfilling clinical practice environments.

Objective B – Develop and promote delivery models that provide effective and efficient emergency medical care in different environments across the acute care continuum, including rural areas.

Objective C – Promote the value of emergency medicine and emergency physicians as essential components of the health care system.

Objective D – Promote quality and patient safety, including continued development and refinement of quality measures and resources.

Objective E – Pursue strategies for fair payment and practice sustainability to ensure patient access to care.

Objective F – Develop and implement solutions for workforce issues that promote and sustain quality and patient safety.

Objective G – Pursue meaningful medical liability reform and other initiatives at the state and federal levels.

Objective H – Position ACEP as a leader in emergency preparedness and response

Goal 2 – Enhance Membership Value and Member Engagement

Objective A – Improve the practice environment and member well-being.

Objective B – Increase total membership and retain graduating residents.

Objective C – Provide robust communications and educational offerings via the website and novel delivery methods.

Objective D – Increase ACEP brand awareness, growth, and impact internationally in a cost-effective manner.

Objective E – Ensure optimal organizational infrastructure and governance to support the membership, including increased resources from non-dues revenue.

Objective F – Provide and enhance leadership development and recognition, and strengthen liaison relationships with other emergency medicine organizations.

Objective G – Promote/facilitate diversity and inclusion and cultural sensitivity within emergency medicine.

Objective H – Strengthen job security and opportunity for individual members at all stages of their careers.

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