Mission, Vision & Values

ACEP Mission Statement

The American College of Emergency Physicians promotes the highest quality of emergency care and is the leading advocate for emergency physicians, their patients, and the public.

Vision Statement

Approved by the Board of Directors February 18, 2003

  • Emergency medicine is recognized and valued as an essential public service.
  • Patients seeking emergency care are treated by board certified emergency physicians who are supported in their practices with all resources necessary to provide the highest quality medical care.
  • Emergency physicians practice in an environment in which their rights, safety, and wellness are assured.
  • All patients have health care coverage that ensures access to emergency services. Legally mandated health care services are fully funded.
  • Resources for education and training of emergency physicians are sufficient to meet the workforce needs of the specialty.
  • Emergency physicians are recognized and valued for their commitment to high quality patient care, teaching, leadership, research, and innovation.
  • All emergency physicians are members of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Statement of Values

The Board of Directors has identified values that serve as the guiding principles for the specialty of emergency medicine. These values, and the objectives that follow, are the foundation of ACEP's planning processes and Council and Board actions.

The values of the American College of Emergency Physicians are:

  • Quality emergency care is a fundamental right and unobstructed access to emergency services should be available to all patients who perceive the need for emergency services.
  • There is a body of knowledge unique to emergency medicine that requires continuing refinement and development.
  • Physicians entering the practice of emergency medicine should be residency trained in emergency medicine.
  • Quality emergency medicine is best practiced by qualified, credentialed emergency physicians.
  • The best interests of patients are served when emergency physicians practice in a fair, equitable, and supportive environment.
  • Emergency physicians have the responsibility to play the lead roles in the definition, management, evaluation, and improvement of quality emergency care.
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