Funding the Course

Join Forces to Broaden Your Impact

If you’re interested in leading an Until Help Arrives course in your community but are worried about the costs involved, consider connecting with other groups and organizations to share the expenses. Many organizations are looking for opportunities to give back to their communities, and the Until Help Arrives course offers tangible benefits for public safety.

Potential local funding sources and partners

  • Civic organizations
  • Hospitals, health systems, health clinics, freestanding EDs
  • Fire department, EMS services and/or systems
  • Businesses that value community involvement/outreach (retail stores, fast food franchises, car dealerships, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Local philanthropists and foundations
  • Public and private schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • City or county governments
  • Sports franchises

Many organizations and companies have budgets for community outreach, employee training, professional development that may be available to fund training courses. You’re welcome to use our sample fundraising letter (docx).

Encourage partners to utilize funds from these types of budgets:

  • Community service
  • Community learning/development
  • Public outreach marketing
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Training
  • Professional or personal development
  • Employee education

When asked, people picked these top choices for a location of this type of training:

  1. Local hospitals and clinics
  2. High schools
  3. Colleges/universities
  4. Community centers
  5. Your own place of employment

Other locations that received positive feedback from the respondents included local government offices, places of worship, restaurants, airports and public libraries.