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Rapid Integration of Care Toolkit, 2015

Emergency physicians will be measured on care coordination practices that necessitate exceptional handoffs to a disparate group of health care providers. To succeed in this evolving and challenging practice environment, we will be expected to synthesize greater amounts of information and coordinate patient care transitions to different care venues.

This toolkit was created as a tool for the practicing emergency physician to manage a variety of transitions and coordination of care from the ED. The references and annotations describe current practices in the rapid integration of care from the prehospital setting to patient discharge from the ED.

Sections of the Toolkit include:

  • EMS to ED
  • ED to ED Communication
  • ED to Inpatient
  • ED to Community
  • Other Resources
  • Potential Measures  

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  Transitions of Care Task Force Report, 2012
Despite barriers, the emergency department has an important role in transitions of care and can enhance its value to the system by implementing more successful transition programs. Read the recommendations from this 2012 Task Force report.
  Care Transitions Emphasized: Measures Could Ease ED Care Transitions 
ACEP News, December, 2009
  Appropriate Interhospital Patient Transfer
ACEP Policy Statement
  Health Workforce Policies
ACEP Policy Statements

"Communicating with Consultants in the Emergency Department: Proper Sandbox Etiquette"
Video presented by Dr. Chad Kessler and the Academic Affairs Committee


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