October 14, 2021

Editor’s Welcome

To everyone reading, thanks for taking the time to peruse the fall edition of the toxicology section newsletter. This time around, we have a really wonderful review of the Red Tide phenomenon and associated toxicity that was put together by our EMRA colleagues. To round out the newsletter, I am also including a brief primer on the (very limited) information available on human ivermectin toxicity, as it’s been quite a problem in the news and on social media.

We have a few business items to discuss, as well.

ACEP Tox Section Meeting at ACEP ‘21

  • Speaker: Spencer Corey Greene, MD, MS, FACEP, Toxicology Director, HCA Houston Healthcare-Kingwood, Kingwood, TX, President, Bayou City Medical Toxicology & Emergency Medicine Consultants, PLLC, Houston, TX.  Greene will be presenting, “Antivenom Use in the Alpha-Galaxy”. The presentation will describe the alpha-gal syndrome and discuss the relative risks and benefits of antivenom for snakebite patients with alpha gal syndrome.
  • Election of the Chair-elect, Secretary and Alternate Councillor and Appointment of the Section Newsletter Editor: This year will have our elections for these officers and appointment of new Newsletter Editor.
  • Sunset Policy Review Recommendations on - Role of Poison Centers in Emergency Health, Care, Preparedness and Response: there was a survey sent out to section members requesting their vote as to which of the four actions: 1) Reaffirm, 2) Rescind, 3) Sunset, 4) Revise; that they recommend.  We will review and discuss the recommendations during the meeting. Please take the time to fill out the survey if you haven’t already
  • For anyone traveling to ACMT, please consider applying for a travel award - they can be found here:

ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 Travel awards:

Apply by Friday, November 12!

Justin Corcoran

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