September 20, 2019

Telemedicine at 2019 ACEP Scientific Assembly this October in Denver

As telemedicine continues to grow and expand nationally and globally, ACEP too is recognizing the expanding footprint of this patient care technology.  This year at the Scientific Assembly in Denver, 4 hours of lecture time will be devoted to emergency applications of telemedicine.  We congratulate our section member and Past Chair, Dr. Hartmut Gross for being selected by ACEP to put on multiple lectures and the workshop.  This goes to show that ACEP recognizes the importance of telehealth and the impact it has now and greater impact it will have in the future on emergency medicine and ACEP members. 

Whether you’ve only heard about it, thinking about dipping in your toes, about to take the plunge, or already an old hand at it, these sessions will expand your knowledge and confidence.

Come join the parade rather than standing at the sidelines and watching it go by.  There is no doubt that telemedicine will significantly change the way patient care is provided.  Here is the lineup; be sure to mark them in your calendar so you don’t miss them.  Remember to take note of the Mountain Time Zone.  Hope to see you there.

Telemedicine Crash Course

Tuesday, 10/29/2019, 12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

This is designed to be a 30,000-foot overview of telemedicine with a focus on emergency medicine applications.  This course will cover emergency and acute unscheduled care via telemedicine from both the provider and the recipient side, including….

  • Telemedicine use cases
  • How to conduct a virtual encounter
    • Webside manner
    • Virtual physical exam
  • Regulatory & legal concerns
  • How to incorporate telemedicine into your clinical practice 

You're Out of Reach: Tricks to Doing an Exam & Treating Patients Without Being in the Same Room 

Tuesday, 10/29/2019, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

So how do you do an H&P from another room, city, state, or even further?  Yes, it can be done, but there are some limitations.  Learn how you too can master this skill.

  • Presentation familiarizes the audience with caring for and treating patients using Telehealth as a vehicle that allows you to adequately evaluate & treat patients that might otherwise go without treatment. Allows audience to understand that the care & treatment are the same, just the vehicle/tools are different. Explains that what we do is mostly observing (looking, listening) & gathering information (asking questions) & using our knowledge & judgment (forming differential & treatment plan). 
  • Introduce audience to techniques to make them comfortable using telehealth as a vehicle to care for patients 
  • Help audience realize it is not lesser care but often better care 
  • Allow audience to appreciate…
    • How good it is
    • How much it is already being used
    • How it can benefit patients 
    • How it can benefit physicians and institutions

Telemedicine Workshop

Wednesday, 10/30/2019, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

This will be a talk through workshop.  Trying to provide a bazillion workstations with live audio and video feeds is impossible with the high bandwidth demand of all the ACEP visitors, each with at least one device connected to the available network, bringing it to a crawl, even on the last day.  It is telemedicine, not telemiracle!

No worries, there is lots to discuss and the audience will help direct the discussion covering multiple facets of telemedicine:

  • Learn how to create and set up a telemedicine program 
  • Learn how to bill for telemedicine services 
  • Learn about regulations for telemedicine programs

*Please come out and support our fellow section members and tell everyone you know who will be attending ACEP 2019 about these very informative sessions.