September 20, 2019

Research and Resolutions Task Force Update

The Research and Resolutions Task Force has reviewed a few proposed resolutions since the last newsletter, including a 1) a resolution focused on protection for volunteers providing care in disaster environments; 2) the inclusion of remote providers in current and future policies related to emergency physicians; and 3) the support and promotion of future funding for the study and implementation of telehealth for the evaluation and treatment of disaster victims. These resolutions were all approved by the task force and moved forward for further review.

We completed review of the previously proposed resolution encouraging the promotion of telemedicine research awareness and funding opportunities. This resolution will ultimately be submitted independently from our section, but with our support.

Finally, we continue to work on the development of an emergency telehealth research repository. This repository aims to provide a resource that includes both a library of published literature in emergency telehealth as well as a database of ongoing research in the field. We welcome input if anybody is interested in contributing to this effort!

Kori Zachrison, MD, FACEP
Task Force Chair

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