Pain Management

ACEP is dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic while recognizing that many of our patients suffer from pain and rely on us to alleviate their suffering.  ACEP has created the Pain Management Section to promote the subspecialty of pain management within emergency medicine with the following goals:

  • Evaluate and develop strategies to better manage acute and chronic pain in the emergency department 
  • Educate emergency medicine physicians regarding the management of acute and chronic pain without the use of opiates 
  • Discuss novel protocols and evidence based approaches to pain management in the emergency department 
  • Provide guidance and support to assist emergency physicians in helping patients with opiate addiction and referral to detox and rehabilitation 
  • Research the use of Suboxone in the emergency department for opiate addiction 
  • Develop an ACGME accredited Emergency Medicine Pain Management Fellowship program

Further Information on Pain Management


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