State Advocacy Issues and Resources

ACEP works with its chapters to support state legislation favorable to emergency medicine. In this section of you’ll find a clearinghouse of information on key legislative and regulatory issues and tips to help chapters develop effective state advocacy programs. 

Chapter Toolkit Available: Out-Of-Network Payment Legislation

Insurance companies are increasingly passing on a larger and larger share of the health care cost burden to their customers and to the physicians who treat them through a proliferation of high-deductible, narrow network plans.  In the emergency care setting, insurance companies are also working to further maximize profits by taking advantage of the federal EMTALA law that mandates that all patients be seen regardless of their insurance status. Insurers know that physicians must treat their customers, no matter how little the physician is paid for the service. So the insurers are actively seeking out-of-network payment legislation in numerous states that would enable the insurance companies to pay whatever arbitrarily low amount they unilaterally decide to pay for emergency care. To protect patient access to care and to protect the viability of our emergency care system, state chapters need to be prepared to work with allies in the medical community to fight off such legislative efforts. The ACEP State Legislative Office can help with strategy development and with numerous other resources developed by the department, ACEP member experts, other chapters and other allied organizations.  Contact Harry Monroe in the ACEP office for direct assistance if this issue arises in your state or click here for member-only access to our Chapter Toolkit on Out of Network Payment Legislation.

Issue-Specific State Advocacy Resources

Other Featured Chapter Advocacy Resources

Chapter Advocacy Videos

"The Real ER"  A virtual job shadowing mini-internship, produced by Wisconsin ACEP.  Watch the Video  

"Advocate. Educate. Empower."  A call to action for emergency physicians to get involved, produced by the Maryland Chapter of ACEP.  Watch the Video  

State Legislative Office Conference Calls 

Chapter Leaders and Lobbyists Conference Call Audio - January 2017
Listen to the Audio 

Agenda Items

  • Federal Issues Impacting the States
  • Out of Network/Balance Billing
  • Medicaid Challenges
  • Opioid Prescribing Mandates and Limits
  • Phone2Action
  • Other Chapter State Advocacy Updates

State Advocacy Help

ACEP offers its chapters resources for state advocacy, from online resources to personal assistance from ACEP staff. For more information, send an e-mail message to Harry Monroe or call the ACEP State Legislative Office at 800-798-1822  ext. 3204.

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