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Musculoskeletal Exam Video Series

The ACEP Sports Medicine Section has created the following video tutorials to assist emergency physicians in their evaluation and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions in the ED. These videos provide overviews of high-yield, ED-focused physical exams of the musculoskeletal system. They can be used for quick reference in the ED, or as an instructional module for emergency medicine residency programs. We hope that you will increase your confidence in managing musculoskeletal complaints with this resource.

Acknowledgments and other details about this video series

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We would like to thank the following ACEP Sports Medicine Section members for their contributions to this project:

  • Amanda Akins, DO
  • Yvonne Chow, MD, CAQSM, FACEP, Project Manager
  • Kylie Conroy, DO
  • Mark Conroy, MD
  • Katie Dolbec, MD
  • Alex Ebinger, MD, CAQSM
  • Jeffrey Feden, MD, FACEP
  • Eric Krueger, MD
  • Melissa Leber, MD, RDMS, RMSK
  • Nathan McNeil, MD, CAQSM, FACEP
  • Erin Morine, DO, MS
  • Brian Sloan, MD, FACEP
  • Anna Waterbrook, MD, CAQSM, FACEP
  • Cheyenne Wiseman, MD

Special thanks to ACEP staff Mary Beth Collins and Maude Suprenant Hancock for their assistance in this project.

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Funding Acknowledgment
The development of this exam series was supported by a section grant of the American College of Emergency Physicians awarded to the ACEP Sports Medicine Section in 2014.


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Lumbar Spine


Shoulder Exam