Become a Mentor

Mentoring is a voluntary commitment. It is expected that the mentor will provide unbiased advice, and participation in this program should not serve as a tool for recruitment. Any conflicts of interest should be reported to the Program Administrator and an alternative mentor can be assigned.

Participating mentors should be board-certified in emergency medicine in the United States with additional training, qualifications or experience in sports medicine.
Communication may occur via telephone, email or in person through prearranged meetings (at national conferences, for example). Communication is expected to follow standard professional conduct at all times.

Every effort will be made to assign a volunteer mentor with similar background or interests. Specific requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. Once a mentor is assigned, it will be the responsibility of the mentee to make the initial contact. Mentors are expected to respond within one week.

This program is intended to facilitate the establishment of a mentoring relationship. The subsequent nature of that relationship is expected to develop naturally. The Program Administrator will not oversee all communications. However, if any problems arise, the Program Administrator should be notified immediately.

Mentors may use professional networking contacts to enhance the mentoring relationship at their discretion. However, the Program Administrator should be notified of referrals outside of the assigned relationship.

The mentor may terminate the relationship at any time for any reason, in which case an alternative mentor will be assigned to the mentee as necessary.

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