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Call for Submissions for Innovative Approaches to End-of-Life Care and Opioid Use

ACEP wants to recognize innovative and successful approaches to managing two of the most vexing issues facing emergency departments across the country: end-of-life care and opioid use. ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference in May 2018 will feature a day-long Solutions Summit in which select success stories in these areas will be highlighted. Any physician or emergency department that has developed a new approach to better address these problems is encouraged to submit their story. Some of the successes submitted will be recognized in the Summit program. A few who submit notable success stories will also be given an opportunity to present live at the Summit.

For end-of-life care, examples of innovative programs could include expanded use of POLST, enhanced coordination with hospice, palliative care initiatives, etc. For opioids, we’re interested in recognizing programs designed to curtail the use and prescribing of opioids in the emergency department as well as programs to help treat patients of opioid abuse.

The deadline for submissions is February 10.  

Use this form to tell us about innovations that are working for you in your emergency department and submit your story for possible recognition at ACEP’s Solutions Summit.

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