February 5, 2021


Healthcare Heroes Campaign

If you have a federal student loan and you’re worried about what happens after the CARES Act expires on January 31, 2022, this good news is for you. Take advantage of SoFi’s low interest rates on student loan refinancing—potentially saving thousands—while still enjoying the CARES Act benefits for federal student loans. With SoFi, you can refinance your federal student loans, lock in a lower rate, and keep your federal benefits until they expire—including 0% interest until 12/20/21 and no payments until February 2022.

If you have private student loans, you can refinance your loans now! Get the most out of your student loan refinance with:

  • 0.25% rate discount: ACEP members will receive a 0.25% exclusive rate discount upon refinancing through SoFi.
  • Flexible Rates and terms: Low variable and fixed rates with 5,7,10,15 and 20-year repayment options
  • No hidden fees: You know we’re not fans of fees. That is why SoFi doesn’t have any application or origination fees and no pre-payment penalties.

But wait, there’s more!

SoFi at Work, is running a $50K Healthcare Heroes Sweepstakes where you could win $5,000* toward your student loans. (For more information on how to enter the Sweepstakes within minutes, please make sure you are signed in.)

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