COVID-19 Protocols & Policies

  • All ACEP21 attendees are required to be fully vaccinated and will be asked to show proof of vaccination each day to enter into the ACEP21 event space.
  • Masks will be required at all times.
  • Social distancing protocols will be honored.
  • Daily health screening surveys will be used and testing will be available.
  • Vaccinated spouses or other family members, age 12 and over, may attend events after showing proof. Because they are not currently eligible for COVID vaccines, children ages 11 and younger will not be able to attend ACEP events in Boston.
  • Unless there are changes from the public health officials, this is our path forward.
  • International Attendees -


Cancellation Policy

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), ACEP is offering a no-risk cancellation policy for this conference. This allows you to register now but retain the option to cancel with no financial penalty to you for the conference registration fee. In the event ACEP must cancel the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, ACEP will refund the cost of registration. However, ACEP does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging. 

All cancellations must be received in writing and emailed to the prior to the conclusion of the conference. All refunds will be issued back to the original payment type. Cash payments will be refunded by check.   

Please contact the with any questions. 

Force Majeure

If ACEP is prevented from carrying out its obligations as it pertains to ACEP21 as a result of any cause beyond its control, or ACEP21 cannot be conducted virtually because of a software or issue with the hosting platform or due to acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, government requisitions, restrictions or war or apparent act of war, terrorism, disaster, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, curtailment or restriction on transportation facilities or any other comparable calamity, casualty or condition making it impossible or impracticable to hold the event (collectively a “Force Majeure”) ACEP shall have the right to immediately terminate all or a portion of ACEP21 without liability and shall be relieved of its obligations to any registrant. If ACEP21 is terminated due to a Force Majeure occurrence before the first day of the conference, ACEP will reschedule the event and your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled conference.

Contact Information Provided to Exhibitors

Contact information contained in this registration form and provided when logging into the virtual meeting platform will be shared with exhibitors. By entering an exhibitor’s space in the virtual Exhibit Showcase, participating in Expert Theater and Satellite Symposium events, and participating in sponsored networking activities, you consent to ACEP providing this information to exhibitors and event sponsors. Also, by participating in any of the aforementioned activities, you consent to the use of your contact information by that exhibitor.

Virtual ACEP21 Attendee + Exhibitor Networking Policy

ACEP strives to provide a virtual conference experience where exhibitors and conference attendees both meet their ACEP21 attendance goals. To ensure the event platform provides attendees a space for peer connection and drives meaningful conversations with exhibitors, companies will be limited to one outreach per attendee during the conference. Outreach is defined as a single contact made with an ACEP21 conference attendee via their contact profile of the ACEP21 event platform. Outreaches may be made to invite attendees to visit the exhibit space or join a sponsored events.

Liability/Photography Waiver

I agree and acknowledge that I am undertaking participation in ACEP events and activities as my own free and intentional act and I am fully aware that possible physical injury might occur to me as a result of my participation in these events. I give this acknowledgement freely and knowingly and that I am, as a result, able to participate in ACEP events and I do hereby assume responsibility for my own well-being. I also agree not to allow any other individual to participate in my place. This acknowledgement includes my guest(s)'s participation in any tours and evening events. ACEP plans to take photographs at the conference and reproduce them in ACEP educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic or other media, including the ACEP website. By participating in the ACEP conference, you grant ACEP the right to use your name, photograph and biography for such purposes. All postings become the property of ACEP. Postings may be displayed, distributed or used by ACEP for any purpose.

Meeting Conduct Policy

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is committed to providing a safe, productive and harassment-free environment at its Scientific Assemblies, educational meetings, conferences, and other ACEP- sponsored events. These events are designed to enable clinicians and researchers to convene for informational and educational sessions regarding the latest advances in treatment and care, and to promote learning, professional development, and networking opportunities. ACEP meetings also allow attendees to learn about and debate the latest scientific advances and to enjoy the company of professional colleagues in an environment of mutual respect. ACEP promotes equal opportunities and treatment for all participants. All participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, follow venue rules, and alert staff or security when they have knowledge of dangerous situations, violations of this Meeting Conduct Policy, or individuals in distress.

Prohibited Behavior

ACEP prohibits any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, as set forth in its Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy. Accordingly, some behaviors are specifically prohibited, whether directed at other attendees, ACEP staff, speakers, exhibitors, or event venue staff:

  • Harassment or discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, ethnicity, national origin, or other protected status.
  • Sexual harassment or intimidation, including unwelcome sexual attention, stalking (physical or virtual), or unsolicited physical contact.
  • Yelling at, threatening, or personally insulting speakers (verbally or physically).

Participants asked to stop engaging in hostile or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Application of Rules

These conduct rules apply to all attendees and participants at any ACEP-sponsored event, as well as ACEP- sponsored meeting social events (for example, opening and closing parties at Scientific Assembly). All who register to participate, attend, speak at, or exhibit at an ACEP event agree to comply with this Policy.

Reporting Prohibited Behavior

Harassment or other violations of this Meeting Conduct Policy should be reported immediately to ACEP Meetings staff either in person, in writing by email at or other means of reporting. ACEP may involve event security and/or local law enforcement, as appropriate based on the specific circumstances. Event attendees and participants must also cooperate with any ACEP investigation into reports of a violation of this Meeting Conduct Policy by providing all relevant information requested by ACEP.

Potential Consequences

  • ACEP reserves the right to remove any participant whose social attentions become unwelcome to another and who persists in such attentions after their unwelcome nature has been communicated.
  • ACEP also reserves the right to remove any participant or attendee who appears inebriated and who engages in conduct that interferes with the ability of other attendees to participate in and enjoy the conference.
  • ACEP may remove any individual from attendance or other participation in any ACEP-sponsored event, without prior warning or refund, if in its reasonable judgment, ACEP determines a violation of this Meeting Conduct Policy has occurred.
  • If ACEP, in its reasonable judgment, determines that an individual has violated this Meeting Conduct Policy, ACEP may also prohibit the individual from attending or participating in future ACEP events.
  • ACEP will also report on the outcome of any investigation to individuals who have reported a violation of this Meeting Conduct Policy.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

Please review ACEP’s Privacy Policy and other Term and Conditions.