Drop The Mic - New Speaker Competition

Check out the Drop the Mic Competition and Cheer on Your Favorite.

This year 26 of your colleagues will compete for a chance to speak at ACEP20 and the best of the best will win the coveted ACEP SA Superstar Speaker Award. Come watch and cheer on your favorites as they present their 10 minutes emergency medicine topic.

Sunday, October 27 – 12:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Jason K. An, MD – On Flourishing

Brandon B. Bleess, MD, EMT-T – Ride the Lightning: Hands-on Defibrillation

Anthony J. Camodeca, DO – "Head of the Bed"-The Mental Approach to the Traumatic Airway

Geoffrey Blair Comp, DO – The Wellness Manifesto: Resiliency in Emergency Medicine

Lucas Friedman, MD – POCUS for the Pediatric Limp

Zachary Aaron Gimbel, MD – Failed Surgical Airway

Maxwell A. Hockstein, MD – Bicarb: Can We Stop Being Basic?

Peter Patitsas, MD, MBA – It Ain't Over Till After It's Over

Jessica M. Thomas, MD, MPH – Preventing Peri-Intubation pH Pitfalls

Monday, October 28 – 12:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Salil K. Bhandari, MD – Peri-mortem C-section: Getting Through the Scariest Moment in Your Career

Ryan P. Bodkin, MD – Fear is In the Driver’s Seat– Take Back the Controls!

Carolyn V. Commissaris, MD – Hot Take: Everything We Teach the Public About Heat-Related Illness is Wrong

Mohammed M. Haneef, MD – Coagulopathy in Severe Head Injury

Monika Maria Lusiak, MD, FACEP – Ultrasound Tips: Old Dog, New Tricks

Mary E. McLean, MD – Rehabilitating the Biased Physician Brain

H. Pendell Meyers, MD – The OMI Manifesto

Ross D. Tannebaum, MD, FACEP – The Importance of the Initial Encounter--Starting Out Right!

Doug J. Williamson, MD, PhD – Turbo-Charge Your EMR:  Integration of Voice Assistant Software with ED Workflow

Tuesday, October 29 – 12:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Aislinn D. Black, DO, MPH, FACEP – ‘Pump and Dump’ Is for Chumps

Garrett K. Blumberg, MD – Neck Jewelry Problems: Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy Emergencies

Joseph Brown, MD – Just Block It Already

Joshua S. Ginsburg, MD – First Impressions Last: Using Psychology to Improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Chinwe Onu, MD – Protect our Undocumented Immigrant Patients

Jaymin Patel, MD – That Time I Failed

Aalap Shah, MD – All Dead or Mostly dead: Ultrasound Use in Cardiac Arrest

Lauren R. Wingfield, MD – Is There A Doctor On the Plane?!