Gather With Those Who ‘Get’ You

Feel like only another emergency physician can understand what this year has been like? You’re not alone.

More than ever, you need to be part of ACEP20. Be inspired by your emergency medicine family & return to the emergency department ready to inspire others. Lift your heart as we celebrate your achievements.

Here’s a sampling of some of the ways to connect at ACEP20:

  • Private Video Chat Rooms – No need to the leave the ACEP20 platform to catch up with a friend. All attendees have access to their own private video chat rooms so you can invite a friend or two, and share some screen time between courses. Think of it as your virtual alternatives to hallway conversations. See a name you recognize on the attendee list? You can also send direct messages to the other attendees … chat by text or invite them to your chat. You control your level of interaction.
  • 24-Hour Coffee Lounge – always open and you never know who you might run into. Pop in to see what the ACEP20 buzz is. Unlimited space, so the conversation may get noisy. But at least you know the coffee is good … because it’s your own.  

  • Roundtables – Clinical issues, practice trends and more. The hottest topics are being discussed in these limited-size video chat rooms. Slated for designated times during ACEP20, the rooms will be open to have some peer-to-peer exchange on all things EM.
  • Quarantine Houses – pick your favorite mix of vacation posts, drinks, music and more. Then see who shows up in the same video chat room as you during dedicated times each day. You may find some kindred spirits! 

Plus, check out all the other ways you can connect with happy hours, cooking demos, trivia, competitions, and more. Visit the Social Activities page.