September 13, 2022

Butterfly Network: Bringing Ultrasound into Routine Assessment: From Cart-based Systems to Pocket-based Systems

Monday, October 3

11:40 a.m.– 11:55 a.m.
Location: Learning Lab Stage

Speaker: Dr. Jacob Avila, Vice President of Clinical Training and Education

Learning Lab Information

We've already seen one transformation in ultrasound hardware: from bulky machines that fill up a room to cart-based, relatively portable devices. But recently, a second transformation has begun: the introduction of pocket-sized, ultra-portable ultrasound machines have been introduced and utilized across specialties and care settings. While cart-based machines still have their purpose, practicing providers may find that ultra-portable machines enable ultrasound to play a more consistent role in their daily practice than traditional machines have ever supported.

In this talk, Dr. Jacob Avila will walk you through how he uses a Butterfly device and smartphone in his daily practice to deliver exceptional care to patients.

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