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July 28, 2021

Calls for Covid Jab Mandates in Health Jobs Add to Staffing Woes

The group decided to sign the letter “given the new evidence around the dangers and trends of the Delta variant,” ACEP President Mark Rosenberg said. “While one statement alone may not shift the needl...

July 26, 2021 • Medpage Today

The X-Waiver Needs to Go

July 25, 2021 • The Washington Post

Why you shouldn’t soak a splinter, and other ways first aid has changed

July 16, 2021 • Associated Press

‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated’ burdens busy US hospitals

July 4, 2021 • Dallas Weekly

OP-ED: Insurance Giant Prioritizing Profits Over Patients

July 2, 2021 • Fierce Healthcare

Payer Surprise billing rule also strikes down insurer ED policies

July 1, 2021 • The New York Times

Frontline Health Care Workers Aren’t Feeling the ‘Summer of Joy’

June 29, 2021 • Medpage Today

Emergency Departments Are a Dangerous Workplace

June 29, 2021 •

How to stay safe in the summer heat

June 23, 2021 • USA Today

Could your hands save a life? Americans are woefully unprepared to respond to emergencies

June 18, 2021 • Bloomberg

Covid Counts Hit Zero in U.S. Hospitals Once Overrun by Victims

June 10, 2021 • USA Today

Insurance giant's new ER policy called 'dangerous' by critics. It says as many as 1 in 10 claims could be rejected.

June 9, 2021 • Medpage Today

UnitedHealthcare to Crack Down on 'Non-Emergent' ED Claims

May 25, 2021 • STAT News

Congress needs to pass the Dr. Lorna Breen act to support U.S. health care workers

May 22, 2021 • The New York Times

C.D.C. Is Investigating a Heart Problem in a Few Young Vaccine Recipients

May 21, 2021 • NBC News

'Mind-boggling': Pedestrian deaths surged in 2020, despite fewer cars on the road

May 17, 2021 • Safety & Health Magazine

Don’t avoid emergency care

May 11, 2021 • Associated Press

Taming the virus: US deaths hit lowest level in 10 months

May 5, 2021 • Modern Healthcare

Healthcare workers say workplace safety plans needed

May 4, 2021 • Medpage Today

Post-Vax Clot Case Supports Angiomax Use

May 4, 2021 • Modern Healthcare

How to stop losing our workforce

April 29, 2021 • Forbes

Violence Against Healthcare Workers Is A Growing Problem

April 28, 2021 • Health Day

ED Staff Reported Poor Mental Health During Early Pandemic

April 27, 2021 • Today

Family of ER doctor who died by suicide is working to save other health care workers

April 23, 2021 • Politico

Biden faces health industry fight over new ‘surprise’ billing ban

April 9, 2021 • San Francisco Chronicle

Anxiety hits health care workers hard; Doctors, nurses suffer heightened anxiety in year of COVID

April 1, 2021 • Verywell Health

COVID-19 ER Doctors Share What They Need for Better Mental Health

March 30, 2021 • Safety & Health Magazine

Lawmakers reintroduce bills to prevent suicide, burnout among health care workers

March 26, 2021 • The Philadelphia Inquirer

ER visits remain down across the Philadelphia region, as COVID-19 fears keep people home

March 19, 2021 • Modern Healthcare

Health systems revamp their approach to retail clinics

March 12, 2021 • National Public Radio

Hospital Emergency Rooms Struggle With Overdose Spike During Pandemic

March 11, 2021

Take a Look Back at Our Response to COVID-19

March 11, 2021

ACEP 2020 Annual Report

February 27, 2021 • Forbes

Which Works Better: A Mask Brace Or Double-Masking?

February 26, 2021 • Chicago Tribune

Doctors under stress from COVID-19 say they need mental health services: ‘We’re human beings, just like everyone else’

February 24, 2021 • FOX News

Pennsylvania Hospital patient stabs doctor in head, face while being treated

February 23, 2021 • Associated Press

US tops 500,000 virus deaths, matching the toll of 3 wars

February 16, 2021 • Associated Press

Hospitals still ration medical N95 masks as stockpiles swell

February 15, 2021 • The Hill

Drug overdose crisis worsens in shadow of COVID-19 pandemic

February 6, 2021 • Modern Healthcare

Working together to keep COVID from breaking the healthcare workforce

January 29, 2021 • Medscape

Biden Administration Nixes Buprenorphine Waiver, Docs Disappointed

January 26, 2021 • The New York Times

Doctors, Facing Burnout, Turn to Self-Care

January 25, 2021 • Washington Examiner

CHART: COVID-19 pandemic has strained hospitals far beyond normal flu

January 25, 2021 • Morning Consult

‘We Are Burned Out:’ Nearly 1 in 2 Health Care Workers Say COVID-19 Has Harmed Their Mental Health

January 22, 2021 • CNN

Covid-19 is causing ambulance delays and longer ER waits

January 7, 2021 • The New York Times

Los Angeles County urges ambulance crews not to bring to hospitals patients they cannot resuscitate

January 4, 2021 • The Washington Post

Young ER doctors risk their lives on the pandemic’s front lines. But they struggle to find jobs

December 31, 2020 • Atlanta Journal Constitution

Deluged hospitals warn of rationing care, beg revelers to stay home

December 28, 2020 • USA Today

How medical experts describe COVID fatigue on the front lines

December 18, 2020 • Associated Press

California hospitals ‘crushed’ as virus patients flood ICUs

December 11, 2020 • The Texas Tribune

Nine months on the pandemic’s front line have crushed Texas health care workers' spirits and killed their colleagues

December 7, 2020 • National Public Radio

Think Health Care Workers Are Tested Often For The Coronavirus? Think Again

December 5, 2020 • CNN

As hospitals start to max out, medical workers beg officials for new Covid-19 mandates

November 25, 2020 • The Philadelphia Inquirer

To detect pneumonia in COVID-19 patients, these Temple doctors use ultrasound

November 23, 2020 • Kaiser Health News

Parents Complain That Pediatricians, Wary of COVID, Shift Sick Kids to Urgent Care

November 23, 2020 • STAT News

Data show hospitalized Covid-19 patients are surviving at higher rates, but surge in cases could roll back gains

November 23, 2020 • The New York Times

Improve Emergency Care? Pandemic Helps Point the Way

November 17, 2020 • Newsweek

'Are We Heroes? No, We Are Not'—Health Care Workers on Fighting COVID and the Pain of Watching People Die Alone

November 12, 2020 • NBC News

Dr. Juan Fitz, a 'hero of emergency medicine,' dies of Covid-19 in Texas

November 8, 2020 • Kaiser Health News

How COVID death counts become the stuff of conspiracy theories

November 3, 2020 • Reuters

Pandemic exacts toll on ER doctors’ mental health

November 1, 2020 • Healthline

No More Applause: Healthcare Workers Now Being Shunned During COVID-19

October 28, 2020 • Chicago Tribune

Dr. Ngozi Ezike’s emotional moment shows health care workers feel COVID-19 fatigue too.

October 22, 2020 • National Public Radio

Hospital Bills For Uninsured COVID-19 Patients Are Covered, But No One Tells Them

October 19, 2020 • Becker's Hospital Review

As Overdoses Rise During the Pandemic, Treatment Obstacles Make Recovery Difficult

October 13, 2020 • Health Day

Pandemic Dangers Drive Some Doctors to Switch Jobs, Retire Early

October 12, 2020 • CBS News - Los Angeles

Cedars-Sinai Study: Outpatient Care Safe For Most COVID-19 Patients

September 21, 2020 • Huffington Post

The Coronavirus Is Creating A Mental Health Crisis For Health Care Workers

September 17, 2020 • Dallas Morning News

Our sister’s suicide shows the need for mental health care among emergency physicians

September 17, 2020 • National Public Radio

About 1 In 5 Households In U.S. Cities Miss Needed Medical Care During Pandemic

September 11, 2020 • Patch

Doctors Coping With Coronavirus, Part 2

September 11, 2020 • US News & World Report

Suicide Rate Keeps Rising Among Young Americans

September 8, 2020 • National Public Radio

About 20% Of Americans Couldn't Get Needed Medical Care Due To Pandemic, Poll Shows

August 31, 2020 • Forbes

Why COVID-19 Is Hitting Black And Hispanic Children Especially Hard

August 17, 2020 • Reader's Digest

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You’re Tear Gassed—and What to Do

August 6, 2020 • National Academy of Medicine

Stigma Compounds the Consequences of Clinician Burnout During COVID-19: A Call to Action to Break the Culture of Silence

July 27, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

The challenge of disseminating best science during a pandemic

July 24, 2020 • The Guardian

Florida hospitals stretched to capacity by acute coronavirus outbreak

July 22, 2020 • Medpage Today

Prioritizing Mental Health Shouldn't Be Risky for Physicians

July 21, 2020 • ABC News

The East Coast heat wave isn't helping COVID-19 efforts

July 19, 2020 • Associated Press

As virus surges in some US states, emergency rooms swamped

July 17, 2020 • The Washington Post

Coronavirus fears shouldn’t stop you from using CPR if someone needs help

July 14, 2020 • The New York Times

This Year Will End Eventually. Document It While You Can.

July 14, 2020 • Daily Herald

Congress must address mental health needs of medical workers

July 14, 2020 • Texas Tribune

Texas hospitals are running out of drugs, beds, ventilators and even staff

July 11, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

Providers in emerging COVID hot spots face complex set of challenges

July 10, 2020 • Forbes

This Is What Rubber Bullets And Less-Lethal Rounds Can Do To You

July 9, 2020 • Associated Press

Mississippi’s five largest hospitals are out of ICU beds

July 8, 2020 • AARP

Why You May Regret Letting Virus Fears Keep You Away From the Doctor

July 7, 2020 • ABC News

Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again

July 7, 2020 • Newmax

Ad Campaign Says Don't Let COVID-19 Fear Delay Visits to Doctors

July 7, 2020 • Becker's Hospital Review

Three Things I Learned Serving on ACEP’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

July 6, 2020 • MSNBC

Texas breaks COVID-19 case record over July 4th weekend

July 2, 2020 • MarketWatch

Almost 1.2 million babies could die during the pandemic — but not from the coronavirus

June 29, 2020 • ABC News

Lessons learned: Why hospitals are better prepared for latest coronavirus resurgence

June 26, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

Our heroes need to heal

June 25, 2020 • MSNBC

Texas Hospitalization Record for Fourteenth Straight Day

June 25, 2020 • Bloomberg

Hospitals Are Counting Beds Again With Virus Cases Rising

June 20, 2020 • JEMS

The EMS Today Show: The Latest on COVID-19 and What We Need to Know and Plan For

June 18, 2020 • Life Hacker-Australia

If Someone in Your Home Has COVID-19, Do These Things First

June 9, 2020 • The New York Times

How Many More Will Die From Fear of the Coronavirus?

June 3, 2020 • The New York Times

E.R. Visits Drop Sharply During Pandemic

June 2, 2020 • The New York Times

Red Cross Warns of a ‘Staggering’ Drop in Blood Supplies

May 31, 2020 • Business Insider

Rubber bullets can cause blindness, fractures, and organ injury. Here's what to do if you get hit.

May 27, 2020 • Kaiser Health News

Nearly Half Of Americans Delayed Medical Care Due To Pandemic

May 23, 2020 • Medpage Today

Is Telehealth Here to Stay?

May 21, 2020 • BuzzFeed.News

These Are The Fake Experts Pushing Pseudoscience And Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus Pandemic

May 19, 2020 •

Non-coronavirus deaths are on the rise as people shun hospitals

May 19, 2020 • The Hill

A 'return to normal' will reverse our progress

May 15, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

Black healthcare workers hit harder during pandemic, paper finds

May 14, 2020 • The Atlantic

We’re All Afraid. Just of Different Things

May 14, 2020 • The Wall Street Journal

Doctors Fret as Coronavirus Keeps Heart, Stroke Patients Away From ER

May 13, 2020 • Associated Press

Counterfeit masks reaching frontline health workers in US

May 11, 2020 • WTOP

Va. doctor warns people not to delay medical care because of COVID-19 concerns

May 11, 2020 • National Public Radio

Chief Medical Officer's Handling Of Coronavirus Inspires Alaskans To #ThinkLikeZink

May 6, 2020 • Healthline

Excess Deaths: People Who Are Dying Because of COVID-19 — but Not from It

May 5, 2020 • Center for Health Journalism

Telemedicine is proving to be a key piece of protective equipment for emergency departments

May 4, 2020 • The New York Times

What One Doctor’s Suicide Taught Us

May 3, 2020 • USA Today

'Death is our greeter': Doctors, nurses struggle with mental health as coronavirus cases grow

April 30, 2020 • The Washington Post

With kids stuck at home, ER doctors see more severe cases of child abuse

April 28, 2020 • The Washington Post

NYC emergency doctor dies by suicide, underscoring a secondary danger of the pandemic

April 27, 2020 • CBS News

CDC adds 6 new possible coronavirus symptoms

April 22, 2020 • AARP

Adults With Serious Conditions Are Avoiding Emergency Rooms Because of COVID-19

April 22, 2020 • CNN

Covid-19 fears keep people from hospitals, but doctors say call 911 for heart attack and stroke

April 21, 2020 • The New York Times

Doctors and Governors Vie for Masks in Cloak-and-Dagger Deals

April 20, 2020 • CBS News

Emergency room doctors facing pay cuts and understaffing during pandemic

April 16, 2020 • Politico

Tribes sue over coronavirus relief

April 15, 2020 • USA Today

Florida ER doctor regains custody of 4-year-old daughter after losing her amid coronavirus fears

April 13, 2020 • FOX News

'Terrified' doctors risking their health fighting coronavirus dealt another blow -- pay cuts

April 13, 2020 • The Washington Post

Infected ER doctor who died in husband’s arms was a ‘save the world kind of human’

April 10, 2020 • WebMD

COVID-19 Daily: Return-to-Work Guidelines, Tips From Frontline Docs

April 10, 2020 • Dr. Oz

‘We Knew We’d Be Unprepared’: An ER Doctor’s Reflection on COVID-19 & America’s Healthcare System

April 6, 2020 •

Are you wearing your cloth mask the right way? Here are the most common mistakes

April 3, 2020 • The Los Angeles Times

Doctor fired after criticizing his hospital for coronavirus response

April 3, 2020 • VOX

The mask shortage is forcing health workers to disregard basic coronavirus infection control

April 2, 2020 • USA Today

A New Jersey doctor is the first emergency physician to die from coronavirus in the US

April 1, 2020 • Live Science

Cruise ships still struggling to dock as coronavirus spreads

April 1, 2020 • NBC News

Health care workers see wave of coronavirus coming in their ranks

March 31, 2020

ACEP in the News

March 30, 2020 • The New York Times

Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines

March 29, 2020 • Canadian Broadcasting Company

Trump considers opening up parts of U.S. as health experts urge longer lockdown

March 27, 2020 • USA Today

We are physically bringing home bacteria and viruses-Doctors fear for their families as they fight against coronavirus

March 27, 2020 • The New York Times

For Dr. Deborah Birx, Urging Calm Has Come With Heavy Criticism

March 27, 2020 •

When should you go to the hospital with COVID-19?

March 26, 2020 • The Philadelphia Inquirer

Who lives, who dies Pa writing guidelines on which COVID-19 patients get priority if ventilators are scarce

March 26, 2020 • The Washington Post

Covid-19 forced a Md. firm to close. Now it’s making masks and gowns for health professionals.

March 25, 2020 • Healthline

COVID-19 Timeline: What Outbreak Could Look Like in 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year

March 25, 2020 • Forbes

What Should I Do If I Feel Sick With Something Other Than The Coronavirus?

March 25, 2020 • CBS News

Supply shortage forcing doctors and nurses to wear Halloween masks, ski goggles to protect themselves

March 25, 2020 • NBC News

Protective gear for medical workers remains inadequate, emergency doctors' group says

March 24, 2020 • Bloomberg

Doctors Turn to Social Media to Develop Covid-19 Treatments in Real Time

March 24, 2020 • The Atlantic

What Happens If Health-Care Workers Stop Showing Up?

March 23, 2020 • The Los Angeles Times

Op-Ed-I’m an ER doctor ready and able to save your life-Want to keep me safe from coronavirus? Stay home

March 23, 2020 • Huffington Post

Health Care Workers Struggle With Shortage Of Protective Gear

March 22, 2020 • The Washington Post

Government scrambling as hospitals run low on basic supplies for coronavirus

March 21, 2020 • The Philadelphia Inquirer

Health-care workers treating coronavirus need protective gear. In Pa. and N.J. they don’t have enough.

March 21, 2020 • The Washington Post

FDA authorizes first rapid point-of-care test for coronavirus

March 21, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

Imports of Medical Supplies Plummet as Demand Increases

March 20, 2020 • Becker's Hospital Review

Washington healthcare leaders draft statewide plan for care rationing

March 20, 2020 • CBS News

Think you have coronavirus symptoms? Here's what to do

March 20, 2020 • The New York Times

“Chilling” Plans: Who Gets Care as Washington State Hospitals Fill Up?

March 20, 2020 • The Washington Post

As coronavirus invades, emergency rooms look to keep people at a safe distance

March 19, 2020 • CNN

Used facemasks and bandanas: How the CDC is warning hospitals to prepare for coronavirus shortages

March 18, 2020 • Kaiser Health News

A View From The Front Lines Of California’s COVID-19 Battle

March 18, 2020 • WebMD

Two Emergency Physicians Remain in Critical Condition From COVID-19

March 18, 2020 • The Washington Post

The Health 202: The Trump administration is pulling Medicare and Medicaid levers to combat coronavirus

March 18, 2020 • The Washington Post

“Dad, are you okay?”: Doctors and nurses fighting pandemic fear infecting their families

March 18, 2020 • The Daily Beast

Sick Doctors Are Being Forced to Use Vacation Time if They Get Coronavirus

March 18, 2020 • TIME

U.S. Hospital Workers Are Making Masks, Protective Gear From Office Supplies Amid Equipment Shortage

March 17, 2020 • Becker's Hospital Review

Hospital employee coronavirus estimates are 'tip of the iceberg,' physician says

March 17, 2020 • Modern Healthcare

One mask a day for doctors in virus epicenter of Washington

March 17, 2020 • BNN Bloomberg

Hospital Workers Make Masks From Office Supplies Amid U.S. Shortage