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ACEP Residency Visits

To help you and your faculty prepare residents for the future, ACEP offers fully funded visits by emergency medicine leaders to your residency program.

Designed to bring ACEP leaders face-to-face with faculty and residents, these visits engage the future of the specialty in a wide variety of discussions from ever-changing legislative and regulatory landscapes, to practice management issues, to career advice and preparation.


What is the ACEP Residency Visit Program?

The ACEP Residency Visit Program was originally created in the 1990s to educate and inform faculty and residents about ACEP’s positions regarding practice management issues and to ensure that the structure of the College was being described accurately to the next generation of physicians. Since then, the purpose has evolved into a vehicle for disseminating the College’s accomplishments and providing an opportunity for ACEP leaders to directly hear concerns of the academic community.

The ACEP Residency Visit Program brings a national leader to an emergency medicine residency at no cost to that program. The speaker educates both residents and faculty on leadership, practice management, national and local politics, and principles of advocacy. The leader may also present on clinical topics requested by the residency program.

This visit encourages involvement of residents and faculty in the College and facilitates two-way communication between ACEP leaders and residents and faculty. In this way, ACEP gets to hear about concerns of the membership on the ground level while residents and faculty are encouraged and inspired to develop their careers through getting involved with ACEP.

Hans House, MD, FACEP
Chair, Residency Visit Task Force (2013-14)

All ACEP Residency Visits include, free of charge:

  • A 2-3 hour presentation from an active ACEP leader skilled in public speaking
  • Details on issues important to faculty, residents and local emergency leaders
  • Social media promotion & attendance encouragement from EMRA representatives
  • Informal gathering the night before or during the visit
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