Optional Coding Session Course Description

 Basic E/M Coding for Physician Services in the ED

The basics of ED coding can be very intimidating. CPT codes, E/M levels, and scoring medical decision making represent the underpinnings of ED code assignment. Freshen up on the basics to make the most of the Advanced Coding course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review in detail an ED specific approach to the application of the Medicare 1995 Documentation Guidelines
  • Review current concepts and myths surrounding the scoring of medical decision making
  • Identify documentation requirements for the evaluation and management codes 99281-99285, including the three key elements, and four contributing elements

Case Study Presentation: Look At This Case Through My Eyes

Real world examples are key elements to solidifying knowledge of complex topics. Well-chosen case examples highlighting key teaching points will be presented and discussed with both physician and coder input.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review real world ED records to demonstrate the documentation requirements
  • Review common ED presentations and typical code assignments
  • Describe a technique for coding an ED clinical record