July 22, 2020

QIPS Section Survey Results

QIPS Section Survey Results

In January 2020 we surveyed all of you to better guide our approach to this year. While we were slightly waylaid by COVID-19 the results are in and summarized below. With our time remaining we will try to continue pushing this group forward! We had a 38 responses (10%) across a wide variety of practice locations. One topic was clear, you want to use the section to learn about what others are doing, get inspiration for projects and have a place to go for resources. A large website renovation is underway to help meet these needs and we are looking for a few volunteers to host webinars for the section (you bring the content and we can help with logistics!).

As shown below, of the respondents, a large majority were interested in participating in an online discussion forum. If you are interested in helping to coordinate or learn more contact Rohit Sanga.

Membership, while skewed with the low response rate, represents a diverse set of practice locations 

Would you participate in a QIPS online discussion forum to access expertise across our section?