ACEP is excited to bring you 6-minute poster sessions on pediatric topics from ACEP20 Research Forum.

Risk of Serious Bacterial Infections Among Recently Immunized Young Febrile Infants in the General Emergency Setting
Kevin Sullivan, DO

Effect of Ketamine on Intracranial Pressure in Pediatric Patients Assessed by Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound: A Pilot Study
Christopher Stem, MD

Intranasal ketamine for acute pain management in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis
John Organick-Lee, BS

Where Have All the Children Gone? The Effects of Covid19 on Pediatric Emergency Department Visits
Shruthi Rethi, MD

Trends of Reported Marijuana Use in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Linda DeMasi, MBA

Defining quality in the emergency department care of long bone fractures in children: identifying parents and youth’s priorities
Nathalie Gaucher

Availability of Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators in US Emergency Departments in 2018
Krislyn Boggs, MPH

Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices Presenting to a Pediatric Emergency Department
Nicholas Pokrajac, MD

Pediatric airway procedures skill retention with standard simulation, the Peyton method, or self-directed learning
Rebecca Jeanmonod, MD

Defining a pediatric emergency department: Comparing characteristics based on commonly-used criteria
Margaret Samuels-Kalow, MD

Lactate and Lactate Clearance to Predict Mortality in Pediatric Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Diagnostic Meta-Analysis
Corry McDonald, MD

Effect of Race and Insurance Status on Outcomes of Pediatric Trauma
Nicole Irgens-Moller, MD

Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Pediatric Healthcare Workers in Atlanta
Georgia Claudia Morris, MD, FACEP

Does Shock Index, Pediatric Age-Adjusted Help Predict Mortality by Trauma Center Type?
John Austin, BA

The Physical Examination is Unreliable in Determining the Location of the Ankle Physis in Healthy Children
Daniel Kim, MD

Mesi Versus Pacs Triage Pediatrics
Lingadurai Lingapandi, MBBS

Crowding is the Strongest Predictor of Left Without Being Seen Risk in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Jillian Gorski, MD