2021 Registration Fees

Advanced Pediatric EM Assembly

ACEP Member $159
ACEP Resident $95
AAP Member $159
AAP Resident $159
Non Member Physician $195
Non Member Resident $195
Nurse/NP $195
PA $195
PEM Fellow $95
Int Low Income $25
Int High Income $95
Int Middle Income $60
Int Upper Middle Income $95

PEM Essentials - Pre-Conference

 ACEP Member  $65
 ACEP Resident  $65
 AAP Member  $65
 AAP Resident  $65
 Non Member Physician  $95
 Non Member Resident  $95
 Nurse/NP  $95
 PA  $95
 PEM Fellow  $65
 Int Low Income  $65
 Int High Income  $65
 Int Middle Income  $65
 Int Upper Middle Income  $65


Registration can be done online at acep.org/pem or through the registration form.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of this virtual event, the Advanced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly and PEM Essentials conferences are non-refundable as participants will have several months to access the educational content. Please contact the meetingregistrar@acep.org with any questions.