August 14, 2020

Announcing PEER Podcasts with EM Board Bombs

PEER is excited to be collaborating with the EM Board Bombs podcast. Hosts Iltifat Husain, MD, and Blake Briggs, MD, discuss PEER questions in these short but highly informative podcast episodes. These “knowledge bombs” are a fun and unique way to help you prepare for the boards with PEER.

Check out the first six episodes, available now for free on the EM Board Bombs website, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 76. Acute Chest Syndrome

Episode 78. Anal Fissures: Wash On, Wash Off

Episode 79. ETT Placement: Did You Goose It?

Episode 82. Fireworks and TM Ruptures

Episode 83. Muggers, Forearm Fractures, & Italians

Episode 85. Neville Longbottom Syncope Syndrome

We’re building a PEER podcasts web page to showcase these entertaining additions to the PEER lineup, so check back in the coming months for more details. In the meantime, look out for new episode announcements on ACEP’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.