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The PEER Tradition

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The PEER Effect

We want your board prep to be as efficient and effective as possible, so we model PEER questions after the ABEM writing process by starting with “The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine,” which includes more than 1,000 conditions, procedures, and skills in 20 EM Model categories. Because ABEM expects emergency physicians to demonstrate cognitive expertise in all 20 categories, we ensure PEER covers the topics most relevant to both the exam and your practice.

  • Each question focuses on one physician task, but we provide multiple questions per topic that cover the entire clinical process — from presentation to disposition.
  • Our answer choices are all plausible so that each corresponding explanation conveys valuable information.
  • Each question is carefully reviewed and edited by multiple practicing emergency medicine physicians to achieve an unparalleled level of quality. 
  • Our content is weighted by topic according to ABEM's examination blueprint to ensure you're prepared and confident on exam day.

PEER is the best source to prepare emergency physicians at any stage of their career, for any ABEM exam.

Why Trust PEER?

PEER has prepared generations of emergency medicine physicians to pass ABEM exams. There's a reason why senior residents and attendings choose PEER when they want to get serious about studying for the boards. Whether you're prepping for the In-Training, Qualifying, ConCert, or MyEMCert exam, PEER is all you need for success.