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  • ACEP TIPS & Peds EM Section Modified ASK Discharge Instructions for use in Pediatric Emergency departments

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    Access files that can be downloaded and printed to be distributed to parents upon discharge from the emergency department. These discharge instructions are adapted from the ASK program (ASK Saves Kids), a non-profit program that encourages parents to ask if there is an unlocked gun in the homes where their children play. They were developed with the support of the American College of Emergency Physicians Section Grant awarded in June of 2014.

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  • Case Studies

    Chest Pain 1

    A 16-year-old morbidly obese female presents to the ED with breathing difficulty, chest pain, and wheezing for the past 30 minutes. She denies any prior history of asthma, but states that she was treated and released from the hospital one day earlier foran acute allergic reaction to an unknown agent. Today’s episode occurred suddenly, and the patient states that she was sitting on the couch when her symptoms began. She denies any known allergies, and reports no other medical history. She is noted to have very poor air entry in both lung fields and is in obvious distress. Anaphylaxis treatment pathway is initiated. A few minutes later, she reports intermittent sharp stabbing pain in her chest, lasting 8-10 seconds each time. The following rhythm is noted on the monitor, and corresponds with her acute pain episodes.

  • Section Updates


     The pediatric emergency medicine section would like to express its heart-felt congratulations to Nathan Kupperman, MD, FACEP, and Marianne Gausche-Hill, MD, FACEP, for their tremendous accomplishments in pediatric emergency medicine.  Dr.Kupperman is the recipient of the Jim Seidel award for outstanding contributions to the field of pediatric emergency medicine. Dr. Marianne Gausche-Hill is the recipient of the Steve Miller award for excellence in education and mentorship.



    The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section received 3 section awards for 2013. The Section received the Outstanding Section Web Page Award, Outstanding Newsletter Award, and an Award of Distinction for Service to Section.  


    ACEP is offering a one-year free section membership to graduating Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Fellows.

    There is an opportunity for section members to be involved in electronic education and resource development for the evidence-based software called Pediatric Emergency Medicine Software (PEMSoft). For more information, go to PEMSoft is created and edited by an international group of physician experts in emergency pediatrics. PEMSoft is specifically seeking editors for the sections on GI, GU, psychiatric, respiratory diseases, and trauma, as well as environmental and critical care. Anyone interested in participating should contact Dr. Robert Schafermeyer, one the PEMSoft Editor-in-Chiefs, who will be working with you on these sections. If you have written articles or chapters and have a general understanding of editing, we will help you transition into the role of section editor. Dr. Schafermeyer will be happy to answer any questions you have about this exciting opportunity. Please contact Dr. Schafermeyer at 704-355-3797 or 704-355-4212 (secretary) for more information on this endeavor.

    Coburn Allen, MD, along with associate director, Sujit Iyer, MD, are developing a new pediatric emergency medicine fellowship. Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas and UT Southwestern at Austin have approved/funded a new program scheduled to train 4 fellows/year beginning in July of 2014. Dr. Allen was at Baylor College of Medicine previously and assumed this director position in January of this year. This new program he is starting will be under the umbrella of their existing pediatric residency and will be affiliated with the new emergency medicine residency in Austin (beginning 2012). He anticipates having both a 3 year (1 year research) curriculum for pediatric residency trained candidates and a 2 year program for emergency medicine residency trained candidates. In anticipation of their new fellowship program, they will be hosting the PEM Fellows Conference in March of 2013.

    Dominic Lucia, MD, has assumed the reigns of leadership as the medical director of the pediatric emergency department at Scott and White's new children's hospital.  The opening day for the new ER and program was October 4th.  It is the newest pediatric hospital in the state and the only stand-alone facility between Dallas and Austin. The hospital is expected to provide access to convenient, world-class pediatric care to families in 32 counties, who previously had to travel far from home to receive treatment.  The new Children’s Hospital is a 64-bed inpatient facility including 48 private rooms and 16 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) rooms, as well as a 14 room Pediatric Emergency Department that is open 24 hours a day. Dr. Lucia states that he actively recruiting for PEM physicians and can be reached at

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  • Section Leaders

    Chair: Michael H. Greenwald, MD 
    Chair-elect: Jason Lowe, DO
    Secretary: Taryn Taylor, MD, FAAP, FACEP
    Microsite Editors: Jason Lowe, DO; Bashar S. Shihabuddin, MD, FAAP, FACEP; Jessica Wall, MD; Sheryl Yanger, MD
    Immediate Past Chair: Jeffrey H. Bullard-Berent, MD, FACEP
    Councillor: Madeline Joseph, MD, FACEP
    Alternate Councillor: Audrey Paul, MD, PhD

    Board Liaison: Debra G. Perina, MD, FACEP
    Co-staff Liaisons: Lindsay Peters, Dan Sullivan

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