April 1, 2017

Recent PEM Update Articles

Management of Aggression in Emergency Departments is more than just PRNs
Learn how to prepare for aggressive behavior in children from a “child and adolescent psychiatrist primarily working in the emergency room.”

Infant Respiratory Distress with Hypotonia: Casting a Broad Differential
Review a case of respiratory distress of a two-month-old with a “broad differential that includes suspicion for congenital pathologies and acute ingestion, as well as sepsis and non-accidental trauma.”

Peanuts and Choking
Find out how to introduce peanut products to children at high risk of a peanut allergy without causing a choking hazard.

Kids are Smoking Again… and a Social Media Battle Boils Over Whether E-Cigarettes are a Solution or a New Path to an Old Problem
Learn ways to speak with teenagers and their guardians about this troubling trend.

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