Tobacco and Nicotine Products - Public Policy Measures

Revised October 2016 with current title

Revised January 2010 titled "Tobacco Products - Public Policy Measures"

Reaffirmed February 2003, October 1998

Originated as Council Resolution CR037 titled "Smoking - Public Policy Measures"


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) supports:

  • Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco products and nicotine delivery systems; 
  • regulation of tobacco and nicotine product advertising;
  • continued enhancement of graphic warnings and package inserts on all such products originating from or sold in the United States;
  • public education on the health risks of tobacco use, second-hand smoke exposure and nicotine use;
  • the prohibition of smoking and vapor producing nicotine delivery systems in public places;
  • increased taxes on tobacco and nicotine related products, with the revenue generated used to fund prevention/cessation research and provide evidence-based interventions;
  • the aggressive referral of tobacco and nicotine users to evidence-based cessation methods and services; and
  • the cessation of all nicotine use as the ultimate goal of tobacco cessation programs.
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