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Motorized Recreational Vehicle and Watercraft Safety

Revised February 2013 with current title

Reaffirmed October 2006

Approved as policy statement September 2000 titled “Motorized Recreational Vehicle/Craft Safety”

Originally approved September 1986 as CR029 “All-Terrain Vehicles” rescinded September 2000


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) supports the development and implementation of programs, policies, legislation, and regulations that will increase the safety of individuals using motorized recreational vehicles* and watercraft. These measures should emphasize the shared responsibility of owners, operators, passengers, and manufacturers to ensure the safety of riders and bystanders and must include the prohibition of children operators, the mandatory use of safety equipment and mandatory safety training and testing of all operators.

ACEP encourages a coordinated effort by recreation enthusiasts, manufacturers, federal and state agencies, and the medical community to reduce injury and death associated with the use of motorized recreational vehicles and watercraft. The manufacturer should specify vehicle and watercraft-specific required protective equipment, minimum driver training, and minimum height, weight and age requirements for operators.

*Motorized recreational vehicles and watercraft can include mopeds, mini-bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), go-karts, snowmobiles, ultra-light aircraft, boats, jet skis, and other such vehicles.

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