International Development and Promotion of Emergency Medicine

Reaffirmed February 2018, October 2007

Originally approved June 2001


The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) supports the international development of emergency medicine as a clinical and academic specialty. ACEP supports the development and promotion of emergency medicine internationally by taking a leading role as a founding member of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), with the stated purpose of "promoting at an international level, interchange, understanding, and cooperation among physicians practicing emergency medicine."

ACEP supports the following international initiatives:

  • The availability of appropriate emergency services in all countries;
  • Global activities focusing on injury control;
  • Development and promotion of standards of care in resuscitation;
  • Development of out-of-hospital care systems;
  • Development of emergency medicine as an academic specialty;
  • Collegial exchange and collaboration among emergency physicians of all countries; and
  • Advocacy for international health issues.

ACEP encourages the promotion of emergency medicine in other countries and supports expanding membership in IFEM to those countries that can meet the membership criteria set by IFEM.

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