Why Donate

"Give-a-Shift" to the Future of Emergency Medicine

Join the 500+ physicians that contribute one of their average shifts to NEMPAC each year.

1-3 yrs Out of Residency
Retired ACEP Members

Annually, Give-a-Shift donors are provided with the following benefits:

  • Lapel pin designating Give-a-Shift donor
  • Admittance with one spouse/guest to the NEMPAC VIP Donor reception during the ACEP Scientific Assembly 
  • Admittance to the NEMPAC VIP Donor reception at the annual ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC
  • Distinct listing in various ACEP publications including the NEMPAC Election Report and on the NEMPAC Website
  • Special commemorative gift at Scientific Assembly
  • Personal communication from the NEMPAC Board of Trustees
  • Bi-monthly editions of Inside Elections with Nathan Gonzales (emailed)
  • Invitation to NEMPAC Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Invitations to virtual fundraisers
  • Quarterly NEMPAC Pulse newsletter
  • Why Give-A-Shift? I personally think it’s a great investment in my future

     - Dr. Chris Clifford

  • Physicians practice medicine. But politicians make decisions on how that medicine is practiced. That’s why I contribute to NEMPAC

    - Dr. Peter Jacoby

  • It’s the only PAC whose sole mission is to watch out for you and your patients

    - Dr. Tom Sugarman

  • NEMPAC ensures Congress knows our professions’ priorities

    - Dr. Rachel Solnick

  • I give to NEMPAC because we need influence in Washington, DC in order to protect our patients and our specialty. NEMPAC is the best way to have impact inside the Beltway

    - Dr. Jay Kaplan

  • Decisions by policymakers affect emergency physicians during every clinical shift. NEMPAC allows emergency physicians to educate the politicians so they can make better informed decisions that affect our jobs and our patients

    - Dr. Greg Shangold

  • Advocacy requires persistence and passion. Effective advocacy requires you to give your time or your money to protect our patients and our practice

    - Dr. Tony Cirillo

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