ACEP By Your Side

What has ACEP done for me lately? Quite a bit, actually.

ACEP is the only EM Organization that:

  • introduced and secured passage of two laws to help you with the prevention and treatment of opioid use disorder
  • created the COVID-19 Clinical hub in 12 days to ensure you had the latest information at your fingertips (and it's still going strong!)
  • secured removal of the “Pain Question” from patient experience surveys
  • fought so you could eat and drink at your workstation
  • rallied EM leaders to fund study on workforce projections and then launched a task force on workforce issues to address growing concerns
  • remain committed to pursuing solutions to protect your jobs and strengthen the specialty
  • developing a procedural sedation paper to counter scope of practice infringement efforts of radiologists and anesthesiologists
  • that worked with SCCM on a statement about the need to wait on the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Hour-1 bundle in the US
  • offering resources to help you navigate medical malpractice suits
  • fighting insurance companies to protect the prudent layperson standard
  • publicly taking on Anthem BCBS and even filing a lawsuit against the insurer to stop its retroactive denials of emergency visits
  • with a seat on the RUC to protect emergency medicine’s valuation
  • that stayed in the fight against the Joint Commission on crowding and boarding
  • with a Chapter in every state monitoring state legislation and working for your local interests

ACEP is fighting for you:

  • maintaining a standard of care with more than 20 clinical policies
  • developing quality measures for Medicare that are tailored to the unique practice needs of emergency physicians
  • developed the first ever EM-focused alternative payment model to give emergency physicians a chance to be in the driver’s seat in the shift to value-based care
  • that sued the federal government to try to ensure that emergency physicians who provide care out-of-network get the reimbursement they are due
  • developing clinical bedside tools such as the EvidenceCare app
  • providing a Violence in the ED Toolkit to help protect you and your staff

Our goal is to have what you need:

Improved Patient Care
Clinical Policy Development - ACEP’s clinical policies are recognized as the standard of care in EM

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
911 Network and Public Relations - ACEP’s expert in Washington, DC work every day to represent the issues of emergency physicians

Ethics Process - ACEP led the way to increase accountability wishing our specialty and tackle unethical expert testimony

Annals of Emergency Medicine, ACEP Now, Critical Decisions in emergency Medicine, EM Today, Weekend Review, Education on Demand - ACEP breaks down news each day and delivers compelling, thoughtful articles to ensure emergency physicians are up to date.

Fair Reimbursement
RUC Participation - ACEP constantly strives to ensure that emergency physicians are fairly reimbursed for their services.

ACEP eCME, Frontline Podcasts, Scientific Assembly, Education Conferences - ACEP consistently provides the most relevant EM education, more than 900 hours of online CME and more than 70 hours of free CME for ACEP members.

Organization and Time Savings
CME Tracker, Portfolio Tracker allow you to focus on patient care, not paperwork. ACEP makes practicing emergency medicine easier.

Quality Reporting
ACEP’s Clinical Emergency Data Registry (CEDR) - ACEP has developed the first nationwide registry specific to EM.

Personal & Professional Development
Sections, Committees, and Chapters offers specific knowledge and skills in areas where emergency physicians are more passionate. 

Quality Measures
ACEP is developing measures that relate specifically to the ED and are accepted by the federal government.


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