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Retired Membership in ACEP

Did You Know?

Retired members pay just $205*, but keep the invaluable benefits that served you well throughout your career.

If you have retired from medical practice, you are eligible for retired membership status (subject to verification).

Call 844-381-0911 or email membership@acep.org when you have retired from practice but want to stay connected to your specialty and see what the future holds.

*National dues are 1/3 the price of regular membership, BUT state chapter dues vary.

With your Retired Membership, you will:

  • Stay connected with engagED: ACEP’s members-only online community for networking
  • Stay current with ACEP Now, articles and opinions in the Official Voice of Emergency Medicine, and Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • Stay in touch: Attend ACEP meetings and events, often at a lower member rate, and keep those meaningful friendships
  • Give back to your specialty: Get involved in legislative and advocacy efforts to propel the specialty forward and protect the rights of emergency physicians


Keep These Great Benefits

... and so many more!

Partner Discounts

Online Networking Community

Upcoming Educational Meetings

Other Member Benefits

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