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Retired from your medical practice?

You’re eligible for retired membership status!

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Discounted Dues an Option for Non-Practicing Members

Your heart has always been with the specialty of Emergency Medicine. Even now that you have retired from clinical practice, you don't want to miss a beat ... and we don't want you to, either!

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  • Retired members pay just $205*, but keep the invaluable benefits that served you well throughout your career.
  • If you have retired from medical practice, you are eligible for retired membership status (subject to verification).
  • Call 844-381-0911 or email us when you have retired from practice but want to stay connected to your specialty and see what the future holds.

*National dues are 1/3 the price of regular membership, but state chapter dues vary.

With your Retired Membership, you will:


Keep These Great Benefits and so much more!

Partner Discounts

As an ACEP member, you have access to a variety of discounts from companies who want to support you while you stand on the front lines of healthcare protecting us all.

Online Networking Community

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Other Member Benefits

What has ACEP done for me lately? Quite a bit, actually.

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