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ACEP and our 38,000 members are sounding the alarm on the boarding crisis with real member stories - add yours!

ACEP compiled these stories into a powerful letter to the White House, and 34 organizations stood with us to highlight the severity of this crisis. Within days of receiving the letter, HHS hosted a meeting with ACEP, the American Hospital Association, and the Association of American Medical Colleges to discuss the issue and possible next steps.

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Do You Share Similar Situations?

“Last week…our 22-bed emergency department had 35 boarders and an additional 20 patients in the waiting room…we have patients who unfortunately have died in our waiting room while awaiting treatment.”
“Recently, I had a woman with abdominal pain in the ER. When she arrived, she had normal vital signs and was not really very sick. Testing showed that she had an infected gallbladder. We called 27 hospitals before one in a different state called us back when a bed finally opened. She spent 36 hours in our ER.”

Hundreds of other stories have been shared, and thousands more should be.

Stand with us and make your story heard.

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