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  • Protect the Physician-Led Care Team
  • Build Patients’ Confidence in Quality Care

ACEP is making it clear: there is no substitute for a licensed, trained, and board-certified emergency physician.

Join the Fight

Protect the Physician-led Care Team

The spread of dangerous policies allowing nurse practitioners or physician assistants to practice medicine without physician supervision is deeply concerning. To address questions regarding scope of practice, ACEP launched a bold educational campaign to make sure legislators and hospital administrators recognize the importance of supporting emergency physician-led care.

Build Patients’ Confidence in Quality Care

ACEP invested in two public polls to confirm patients have strong preferences about who provides their care.

  • Nearly 80% of adults polled expressed their trust in a physician to deliver their medical care in an emergency, compared to a nurse practitioner (9%), physician assistant (7%) or nurse (5%)
  • The vast majority of adults (79%) put more trust in a physician to lead their medical care, and most patients (72%) would be concerned if a physician was unavailable during their medical emergency.

Fighting for Physician-led Care

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