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Fellow (FACEP) Status


Earn a Prestigious Mark of Distinction
Become An ACEP Fellow 

If you're looking for more from your ACEP membership, consider becoming a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. This important FACEP designation speaks to your contributions to ACEP and highlights your commitment to emergency medicine. More than 12,000 ACEP members proudly use the prestigious FACEP designation.

Apply online.

For more information:

Continue scrolling for more information about the history of the FACEP program and to view eligibility criteria. If you're not certain if you've met the eligibility requirements, contact Membership and Customer Service at 844-381-0911, for your personal eligibility review.



History of Fellowship

ACEP Fellowship was first established in 1982 to honor members who made special contributions to the College and the specialty of emergency medicine. Requirements for Fellow Status include Active membership status for three continuous years; board certification by ABEM, AOBEM, or ABP certification for pediatric emergency physicians; and additional service to the specialty.

Criteria for Election to Fellow Status

Fellows of the College shall meet the following criteria:

Be regular, life, honorary, or international members for three continuous years immediately prior to election and must have been certified in emergency medicine at the time of election by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine, or in pediatric emergency medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics. Maintenance of Fellow status requires continued membership in the College. In addition, the following requirements demonstrating evidence of high professional standing must be met by candidates some time during their professional career prior to application.

  1. At least three years of active involvement in emergency medicine as the physician's chief professional activity, exclusive of training, and;
  2. Satisfaction of at least three of the following individual criteria during their professional career:
    1. active involvement, beyond holding membership, in voluntary health organizations, organized medical societies, or voluntary community health planning activities or service as an elected or appointed public official;
    2. active involvement in hospital affairs, such as medical staff committees, as attested by the emergency department director or chief of staff;
    3. active involvement in the formal teaching of emergency medicine to physicians, nurses, medical students, out-of-hospital care personnel, or the public;
    4. active involvement in emergency medicine administration or departmental affairs;
    5. active involvement in an emergency medical services system;
    6. research in emergency medicine;
    7. active involvement in ACEP chapter activities as attested by the chapter president or chapter executive director;
    8. member of a national ACEP committee, the ACEP Council, or national Board of Directors;
    9. examiner for, director of, or involvement in test development and/or administration for the American Board of Emergency Medicine or the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine;
    10. reviewer for or editor or listed author of a published scientific article or reference material in the field of emergency medicine in a recognized journal or book.

Provision of documentation of the satisfaction of the above criteria is the responsibility of the candidate and determination of the satisfaction of these criteria shall be by the Board of Directors of ACEP or its designee. Fellows shall be authorized to use the letters FACEP in conjunction with professional activities. Fees, procedures for election, and reasons for termination of Fellows shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Application for Fellow Status

Members applying for fellow status must do so on the official application form approved by the Board of Directors for the current year (PDF) or by completing the online form. The completed application, all required documentation and the non-refundable fellow application fee of $200.00 must be submitted at the same time. Applicants who indicate their compliance by utilizing criteria “b” and/or “g” described above must submit letters, on appropriate letterhead, from the emergency department director or chief of staff; or their chapter president or executive director.

Recognition of Election to Fellow Status

Members who apply and are approved for Fellow status between now and Aug. 15 may use the FACEP designation as soon as they receive official notification. Those new Fellows will be acknowledged officially at the Fellow Induction at ACEP20. All newly elected FACEPs will receive an official Fellow certificate after ACEP’s Scientific Assembly.

Continued membership in the College is required to maintain Fellow status and the use of the FACEP designation. Fellows whose memberships expire immediately lose Fellow status in the College and the right to use the FACEP designation.

For more information on Fellow Status, contact Membership Services at 844-381-0911, or membership@ACEP.org


Meet our FACEPs in the Crowd from ACEP Now!

We regularly feature our FACEPs in our monthly membership magazine. Are you an ACEP Fellow with an interesting hobby or passion project outside the ED, or do you know someone who would be a perfect fit for this section of the magazine? Contact the ACEP Now editorial team

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Heidi Knowles, MD, FACEP

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Irene Tien, MD, FACEP
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