Group Billing & Recognition

ACEP Group Billing

ACEP offers physician groups, hospitals and academic centers the convenience of Group Billing, which allows your group to pay for ACEP membership dues with one payment instead of processing individual payments or reimbursements. Your members will have a common renewal date, and you'll receive one convenient master invoice that covers them all. 

This service does not require 100% membership of your eligible physicians.

  • Any emergency medicine group is eligible, including hospitals and academic centers
  • Groups of two or more are welcome
  • Save on your administrative and finance costs, greater ease for you and your staff
  • Continue invaluable professional and educational opportunities
  • Assure uninterrupted access to member benefits

100% Club

Your group of dedicated physicians has demonstrated a commitment to the emergency medicine specialty and may qualify for 100% Club status.

If all emergency physicians in your group are ACEP members, you are recognized as a 100% Club member. To determine which physicians in your group are members of ACEP, provide us with the physician’s name and NPI number.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in ACEP group billing or the 100% Club, please contact Group Billing by calling toll-free at 844-381-0911 or by emailing

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