March 31, 2022


If you have student loans, you may be considering what you’ll do when the federal freeze on monthly payments and interest rates expires on August 31, 2022. You’re not alone. SoFi has options to help you prepare.      

  • Consider refinancing your federal student loans with SoFi at Work to lock in a lower interest rate and pay 0% interest until 4/18/22 and no monthly payments until June 2022.
  • ACEP members can take advantage of an exclusive 0.375% rate discount (normally 0.25%) by starting your application through Hurry, the offer ends 5/31/22.
  • Grab the guide to get a comprehensive breakdown of the student loan landscape, federal benefits, and your student loan options.

Ask questions, get assistance, and explore your options with SoFi’s dedicated student loan support team by calling (833) 277-7634 or emailing

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